October 27, 2021

Common Core Standards = “New World Order” for America

Common-Core-tears-2There is a Crisis, perhaps you heard:

American education is a disaster.  Scores are awful, America is slipping. Students are not ready to work. More money is needed. Standards are not high enough. Look at the other countries, America is 37th.

Let’s Find Someone to Blame:

  • Teachers
  • Class size
  • Lengthen school day, school year
  • Not the right food
  • More social programs
  • Increase school responsibility
  • Diminish parental responsibility
  • Choice

What most Americans fail to realize is that the majority of all America’s problems can be traced to school. No child is born hating or a racist. You have to be taught.

From the 60’s till today American schools are filled with one failed education program after another. In the 60’s American was always in the top 10 of the countries worldwide. Today we are 37. Why? It can’t be money because American spends more money on education than most of the western countries. Is it because the American model for education has shifted from education rooted in facts and morality to education rooted in a set of values without morality and training?

Training is not education. Education provides the tools for an individual to be able to analyze a situation, use common sense, logic, reason and experience to be able to make the right decision for success. Training tells you how to think, when to think, what to think. In essence education in American has become Limited Learning for Life Long Labor.

With the aid of technology changing the mindset from freedom to subservience is easy if done in school where kids are trained to work. Dumb people will have less demands on the government. 

A massive campaign must be launched to de-develop the United States. De-development means bringing our economic system into line with the realities of ecology and the world resource situation.” – Paul Ehrlich, Professor of Population Studies

What better place to start than the schools?  Mold those young minds with lies about man-made global warming, sit back and watch the kids grow up and beat up their parents, friends and family for destroying the planet. 

Teach them lying is OK as the “ends justify the means.” Then get these students into office and watch them legislate rules and regulations that will destroy America and capitalism in the name of saving the planet.

Education is a multi-billion dollar business. Make no mistake those involved will make a fortune while tuning out workerbees only capable of pressing an app the boss commands.  Independent thought has become a thing of the past.  When was the last time you hear someone say, “Think outside the box”?  The new purpose of education is to create drones, where each individual is only important for the work they can provide to the group.  Individual life is no longer important.  People are now trained to accept the killing of innocent lives as long as the group is intact.

School to Work = Goals2000 = Sustainable America = NCLB = Common Core. Are all the same educational programs with new names and the same goal, denounce capitalism favoring collectivism.  Human Capital were taught to blame America, God and family and replace them with school and government. Today 87% of the graduates think it is the job of government to take care of them.

Children void of the challenge of thinking and organizing factual information, are also void of responsibility and consequences, logic, reason, cognitive thinking, order, priority, destiny and excellence. There is but one school of thought, the progressive school. Other choices within that programs are choices provided by the government. The government has all the answers.  History is altered and school is nothing more than a communist propaganda machine demonizing any dissenter.

After Common Core was introduced, we questioned, “Why is an untested, unproven program forced on our children without a test model to analyze?” Would you buy a car or house without testing it first? Why are you thrusting CCSS upon our children? Does it even work? Once the texts and content of material were analyzed it became evident that the purpose of education was no longer to educate. The purpose of education was to indoctrinate.  Children are now satisfied to do more for less and work within the government globalist agenda.

When parents questioned, instead of investigating, the governors merely names but Legislators could not change their constituents attitudes.  Legislators in Florida never explained why they supported the new name with same content. Some did state, “I know this is a bad program, but Jeb Bush is behind it so it can’t be that bad. I have to support Jeb.” How can you knowingly feed your child brain food that is “not that bad.” Should you not strive for the best? Or is the Federal grant money and Jeb Bush’s support for your donations more important than our children, our future?

Let it be noted, the Feds provide about 5-10% of the school budget. Yet the schools are forced to spend 40-60% to implement the Fed programs. If the school did not take the grant money in the first place, they would not be spending so much money on programs that are failures. This does not compute unless you use Common Core Math.

Attached to this file is a link to a report, prepared after years of research, in the hope that parents in Florida and around the country learn the truth regarding the rush to implementing the FSSS aka Common Core Standards. As in a rush to do anything, many mistakes have been made costing the states dearly. The Race To The Top Funds have NOT been enough to cover this monster. FSSS aka CCS will cost the taxpayers more but the damage to the children is priceless.

The rush to implement was re-enforced recently by Florida’s Senator Don Gaetz when he made the statement, “There’s no doubt that anytime standards are raised, or even if testing methodology is changed, there is going to be an effect on results. I don’t believe that our Department of Education did as effective a job as they should have in preparing schools, students, educators and parents for that natural result”. “When there are technological issues also with a statewide online assessment that just exacerbates the problem.”

Rep Matt Gaetz, running for Fl Senate, was asked what he liked about the new Florida Sunshine State Standards. His answer was, “The standards are rigorous.” He was then asked, what is rigorous? No reply.

To help you better understand how our children are being thought of today, this article written on November 15, 2011, regarding states filing for the NCLB waivers is quite telling:

Having submitted their applications for exemption waivers from No Child Left Behind’s (NCLB), four state education departments officials explained the policies that their states hope to enact at a Council of Chief State School Officers briefing. Education officials from Colorado, Florida, Georgia and Massachusetts applauded the federal shift from a culture of rigorous and high-stakes testing, as flourished under NCLB, to the more flexible and innovative environment suggested by the Obama administration’s waiver program.

I seem to remember our Governor and state legislators informing us the reason for the CCSS was for “High Standards” and “High Stakes Testing”. Now this statement tells us just the reverse. To add insult to injury, recently Jeb Bush was interviewed and ask about Common Core and he called the initiative’s name “poisonous” (just the name not the content) and stated “I don’t even know what it means”. “I’m for higher standards — state-created, locally implemented — where the federal government has no role in the creation of standards, content or curriculum.”

So exactly why did Jeb Bush support Common Core/ Why did his organization FEE, Florida Excellence in Education and Chief’s for Change lobby so hard for Common Core? Could it have something to do with MONEY?

The answers to this and many other questions are in this report. You will find Bush’s power connection between Arne Duncan and Gov. Scott, the untold costs of just the testing component, the connections between the corporations involved. In all you will probably come to the same conclusion: Florida sunshine State Standards aka Common Core is just another mechanism of Federal control instilled on the state through grant bribes, so that the children will mature into government compliant global citizens.