October 26, 2021

Anderson Cooper ‘Knew’ Sanders Would ‘Shut Down’ Talk of Hillary’s Email Scandal at Dem Debate


While the Democrat crowd in the debate studio applauded Sanders’ exclamation, and Hillary thanked the Senator for his support, liberal Twitter exploded in appreciation.

But on Friday, CNN’s debate host, Anderson Cooper, said that the exchange was one of his regrets about how he conducted the night’s event.

Cooper told New York Times reporter Bill Carter that he wished he had handled the question differently. “I wish I had brought in one other candidate before I went to Sanders on the email thing because I knew Sanders would try to shut it down,” he said.

As the months have passed since the story broke of Hillary’s use of private email servers instead of more secure government servers, the number of emails Hillary and her staff sent with classified material have ballooned to over 400 — this despite Hillary’s claim early in the scandal that she never sent or received classified material via her private email server.

Hillary’s server also seemed to lack the proper security programs to stop hackers, and recent reports say that Hillary’s server was hit by spy services from Russia, China, and even South Korea and Germany as hackers tried to pry into the emails to seek American secrets.

Source: Breitbart