October 17, 2021

JUDGE JEANINE TO OBAMA: Is the FBI’s Hillary Email Investigation ‘Nothing More Than a Charade?’


“Our national security not endangered?” she said. “There you go again, Mr. President. Like not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS and then Ferguson and Trayvon Martin and law enforcement. Mr. President, you pre-judge situations before knowing the facts. Why did you appoint Jim Comey if you weren’t going to let him do the job at the FBI? You undercut the investigation. Were you signaling that you’re not going to let the Justice Department bring charges, even if the FBI puts together a case? Is this investigation nothing more than a charade?”

Pirro went on to say, “And Hillary even got a pass at the debate. No ISIS, no Iran deal; even Benghazi, there she simply pivoted to Obama ousting Gadhafi from Libya when she’s the one who wanted Gadhafi deposed. Hillary, that’s why you refuse to let the generals in the pentagon take Gadhafi’s son’s calls, seeking peace in Libya before we bombed them. You’re the one who rejected the peace talks for Libya. Why, Hillary? What was so important to you about Libya?”

Source: Breitbart