December 8, 2021

RUBIO and CRUZ Get Loudest Cheers for Taking on ‘Pointed,’ ‘Hostile’ CNBC Moderators

961115-ted-cruz-marco-rubio“Is this a comic book view of the presidency”, “Do you hate your job?”

These were just a few of the pointed questions written and approved by CNBC at Wednesday night’s GOP debate in Boulder, Colorado.

At about a half hour in, Sen. Marco Rubio had enough. The Florida senator turned the tables on moderators John Harwood, Becky Quick and Carl Quintanilla for their biased interrogation. After referencing a Sun Sentinel op-ed that told Rubio to resign because he hates his job, Quintanillo asked if there was any truth to the claim.

“I read that editorial today with great amusement,” Rubio said. “It’s actually evidence of the bias that exists in the American media.”

Quick asked Rubio another pointed question later in the evening full of “discredited claims” that the senator said he’s not going to “waste 60 seconds” answering.

Rubio gave us a bonus soundbite when he said the mainstream media is the Democrats’ “ultimate Super PAC.”

Ted Cruz took it from there. The questions thus far, the Texas senator said, “illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media. This is not a cage match…How about talking about substantive issues people care about?”

Cruz also contrasted Wednesday’s questions with the “fawning” questions asked at the first Democratic debate.

Viewers and pundits were on the candidates’ side.

Source: Townhall