October 16, 2021

SHAMEFUL: We can thank President Obama for what just happened in Israel

Obama-evil-closeup-300x180Just last week, the head of the Palestinian Authority (Fatah) Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, was allowed to speak before the UN General Assembly and have its flag raised at the United Nations. Abbas stated the Palestinian Authority was no longer bound by the Oslo agreements with Israel. Abbas seemed to hint that Israel was not a willing peace partner; we wrote on the matter here.

 Well, there have been some interesting developments in Israel. As reported over at United with Israel — something that we should all be: 

An upsurge of Palestinian terror attacks against Jews during Sukkot has killed 4 innocent Israelis and orphaned 14 children. As Jewish blood flows in the streets of Jerusalem, the Palestinians are celebrating, calling the terrorists “heroes.” 

A series of deadly Palestinian attacks shook Jerusalem, sparking protests, demonstrations and tension throughout the capital. 

 On Saturday night – a day after the burial of Eitam and Naama Henkin, who were murdered Thursday evening in Samaria on their way home from Sukkot festivities, in the presence of their children – a Palestinian terrorist stabbed four Israelis in the Old City, killing two men. The victims were Rabbi Nehemiah Lavi, 41, a father of seven, and Aaron Bennett, 24, a father of one. Bennett’s wife Adele and their baby were also wounded in the attack. 

Nineteen-year-old Muhannad Halabi from nearby Ramallah in the Palestinian Authority (PA) territories carried out the attack, which took place near the Lion’s Gate of the Old City. Following the stabbing, the terrorist grabbed a gun from one of his victims and started shooting at security forces, who responded and shot him dead. In another incident early Sunday morning, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed a 15-year-old Israeli in the chest near the Old City of Jerusalem. He survived the attack and is being treated at a Jerusalem hospital. Police forces shot and killed the terrorist.

 The Palestinian Authority not only refused to condemn any of the recent terrorist attacks, but also dubbed the Old City stabber, who murdered two Israeli civilians, a “hero.” The incidents sparked major demonstrations on Saturday evening, with Israelis protesting the deteriorating security in the city and demanding harsh measures to stop the frequent attacks. On Sunday, October 4, Israel announced it would restrict access to the Old City for two days. During this period, access will be granted only to Israeli citizens, residents of the Old City, tourists, business owners working in the area and students studying there.

United with Israel reports, In response to the heightened security measures, the PA denounced what it termed a “policy of escalation” by “Israeli occupation authorities against our people in ‘occupied Jerusalem’ and the West Bank,” Palestinian media reported. 

Ok, so let me get this right: Palestinian man stabs four Israeli citizens, killing two, and is heralded as a “hero.” The Israelis take action to protect their citizens, and they’re condemned by the Palestinians as creating a “policy of escalation”? And this comes from the Islamic terrorist group the West tries to legitimize by giving them a platform at the UN General Assembly? And now, is it any wonder Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu glared down the general assembly for 45 seconds?

Netanyahu remarked, “70 years after the murder of six-million Jews, Iran’s rulers promised to destroy my country, murder my people, and the response from this body, the response from nearly every one of the governments represented here, has been absolutely nothing. Utter silence. Deafening Silence,” Netanyahu said in his condemnation of the United Nations.” 

But what’s even more telling, is that President Obama ordered UN Ambassador Samantha Power and Secretary of State John Kerry to a video conference right before Netanyahu’s speech — coincidence, hardly.

Ask yourselves, would we allow such to happen in America? Oops, actually we do; we’re allowing criminal illegal immigrants with multiple felonies to kill American citizens — some in what have been established as sanctuary cities. Sadly, President Obama takes no action to protect American citizens — whereas a leader, such as Prime Minister Netanyahu, does.

Ever since Obama announced the Iranian nuclear deal, releasing hundreds of billions of dollars, Abbas and his crew have become more emboldened. We’ve shared with you the PA practice of naming streets and putting up monuments in honor of suicide bombers and others it deems as “heroes” — to include those who fight in Fatah’s military wing, Al Quds and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.

So how did we come to this point where we have an American president who provides funding to the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism? How did we get to the point where we display such a blatant disrespect to our supposed best ally in the Middle East — with Prime Minister Netanyahu consistently stating there’s a strong relationship between Israel and America. And why did the Obama administration not strongly condemn allowing Mahmoud Abbas to speak before the UN General Assembly and have the PA flag raised? Doggone, I forgot, in 2010 the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was upgraded by President Obama from a mission to a General Delegation in Washington, D.C., where its flag flies. Me? I wouldn’t give the PLO — after the Muslim Brotherhood, the original Islamic terrorist organization — an upgrade from regular to medium fries and drink.

“The outburst of violence follows PA leader Abu Mazen’s speech at the UN General Assembly in which he declared he was “no longer bound” by the Oslo Accords and claimed that Israel will “bear all its responsibilities”. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the speech “deceitful and inciting violence”. 

On Sunday, October 4, Netanyahu slammed the Palestinian leadership for calling the Old City terrorist a “hero.” “Look at the ‘moderates’ at the Palestinian Authority, our alleged peace partner,” said Netanyahu. “We are fighting a bitter war on terror, and we shall do so vigorously”.

We should all consider Israel’s degraded security situation that’s resulted from these seven years of Barack Obama; sorry, the correlation must be analyzed and that’s a proper assessment. And you can imagine that Hamas is just waiting for their opportunity, as Iran will certainly rearm and reconstitute.

Is there any reason we wouldn’t understand why Netanyahu was in Russia to meet with Vladimir Putin? Netanyahu probably knew very well that Russia would be beginning air strikes in Syria. I presume Netanyahu wanted to know who’d be targeted and how much Russia would control the Iranian Quds Force and Hezbollah. You can bet Netanyahu, a former Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Airborne Commando — not a community organizer — gave Putin a like stare as he did at the UN. Netanyahu made certain Putin knew Israeli jets and military force would come into Syria if they felt a threat from the Quds Force or Hezbollah was probable.

Can you imagine what Israel must now face, a destabilizing and emboldened enemy in Abbas and Fatah. A threat from the south with Hamas. And to the north, a strengthened Syria allied with Iranian Quds force, Hezbollah, with Russia providing air support. This has all occurred under the failed foreign policy of Obama. Back in August 2011, Prime Minister Netanyahu told our Congressional delegation not to fully withdraw our forces from Iraq. He expressed his concern that a void would be created and it would be filled — and not by good guys.

Netanyahu’s assessment then and his UN General Assembly speech last week clearly illustrates the difference between a leader and a skilled deliverer of rhetoric, a politicized community organizer. America certainly got the short end of that deal.