April 9, 2020

Blocked: Facebook removes damning Bernie Sanders article

Blocked: Facebook removes damning Bernie Sanders articleOne of the many pages where the Examiner article was removed by Facebook The social media site Facebook inexplicably blocked an Examiner news article which discussed the undeniable Marxist associations of Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders. Author and speaker Trevor Loudon revealed Sanders’ radical ties in a short film he released Wednesday in anticipation of his upcoming political documentary The Enemies Within which seeks to expose the anti-American radicals in the federal government. After several prominent Facebook pages posted the article , the link was blocked at numerous pages (See here and here for just two examples) and Facebook “likes” on the actual article became “stuck” at 572. It is pure speculation at this point as to why Facebook blocked the article. At the time of this writing, Facebook has not replied to requests for clarification. Watch the video that Facebook evidently does not want you to see HERE .

Researcher and speaker Trevor Loudon has released a video which exposes Bernie Sanders as much more radical than a grandfatherly “socialist.”