October 11, 2021

French President Promises: ‘We Will Be Ruthless’

2000px-Flag_of_Minnesota.svg_8-e1447463960872Speaking early Saturday morning in Paris, French president Francois Hollande promised a “ruthless” response after a terrorist attack that has left at least 158 people dead.

“We will lead the fight, it will be ruthless,” Hollande said, according to France 24. His declaration came shortly after the French government announced a state of emergency, curfew, and the closure of France’s borders.

While France famously led opposition to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the country has intervened in several conflicts involving Islamic terrorism. France invaded Mali to in 2014 to throw back Islamic militants that were advancing south from the Sahara, and the country also spearheaded the European intervention in the Libyan civil war.

The country has also played a role in the America-led anti-ISIS coalition, which may have helped inspire Friday’s attack. Hollande’s remarks suggest that role could be stepped up dramatically.

Source: The Daily Caller