October 22, 2021

WARNING: What’s Happening Here Is Foreshadowing The Horror That Could Happen To America

As President Obama recently announced that he will open the floodgates for 100,000 refugees into the United States over the next 2 years — including individuals from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Eritrea, Somalia, and Nigeria — American policy makers would be well served to pay close attention to the refugee crisis in Europe. It’s a big, red, flashing warning sign of what could be described by some as an aggressive cancer in the process of metastasizing — a cancer that could soon spread to the United States.

Make no mistake; what is occurring across the pond is a massive invasion unprecedented in scope since WWII. Although the liberal welfare states of western Europe — including Germany, Scandinavia, France, and the UK — toe the line with politically correct language, describing the invaders as “refugees” from war-torn Syria, the vast majority of those arriving are, in fact, not. They primarily come from the Muslim countries whose residents Obama will soon invite to our shores.

They don’t fit the profile of refugees in other ways as well. They reportedly arrive with smart phones, large sums of cash, and no IDs. They are not families, as one would expect when people flee war, but rather, more than 75% are men under 50 yrs old. And although Christians are the main targets of Islamists in Syria — leading one to believe they would be fleeing en masse — they comprise a tiny number of those who arrive. According to European intelligence sources, many of the “refugees” are already radicalized. It could be called a Muslim army.

Their numbers are vast — since January, more than 620,000 are estimated to have made the journey by sea alone — and many more are expected. A leaked secret document suggests that by the end of December, they might number 1.5 million. In fact, a project to overwhelm Europe by a huge wave of migration was already described by the Islamic State in documents discovered this February.

While Western European leaders welcome the Islamic masses, talking of “solidarity,” “humanitarian duty,” and “compassion,” the invaders do not reciprocate in kind. They harass Christians and attack women — rapes, assaults, stabbings and other crimes are on the rise. They live in “no-go zones,” want Sharia Law, and live primarily off of the generous welfare benefits of their host countries. They are also overwhelming the prison systems, which now largely serve as jihadist recruitment centers.

But not all Europeans are on board with the mass influx of Muslims. Central Europeans, who still recall the yoke of the Soviet Union, retain their desire for freedom and are not eager to submit to new oppressors. They know what submission to Islam could mean, as some of their lands were occupied by the Ottoman Empire — the last caliphate until recently — until the 19th century.

But when leaders who once lived behind the iron curtain criticize the invasion that comes from a “different culture” and suggest that Islam might not be compatible with European Judeo-Christian values, they are lambasted by the EU powers as racist or even mentally ill, resulting in a growing schism between western and central Europe.

And yet, those very Western European leaders are seemingly deaf to the voices of their own constituents, who technically have the the right to vote, but are deprived of most of the power, which is centralized with policies decided behind closed doors. Many feel powerless, sensing that their leaders are oblivious to the growing crisis in their midst.

In time, the overwhelming difference in birth rates between Europeans and Muslims will result in a complete evolution of the continent, from one based upon primarily Judeo-Christian values to an Islamic majority.

The choice could not be more stark for Americans. The embrace of an Islamic population — with no expectation of assimilation — whose values are at odds with the principles upon which our nation was founded, will undoubtedly lead to the spread of that cancer that is currently eating away at Europe. And ultimately, if our politically correct culture grows — punishing those who dare to speak truth — and fail to hold tight to the ideas of self-government and liberty, we will find we have unwittingly surrendered the last best hope of man on earth.

Source:  TPNN / Gatestone Institute