October 25, 2021

What Veterans Day Truly Means

1As some of us enjoy a day off of work and a chance to sleep in on this Wednesday, take just a second out of your day and reflect on our fellow Americans who have put their country before themselves. Veterans Day is not just another holiday, but more importantly, it is a day to admire those of us who have sacrificed their time and energy in order to support the same cause that was declared in 1776. Now is the time to acknowledge what they have fought for and passed on to us; protection, peace of mind, and most of all, freedom. These are just a few of the treasures that veterans provide us.


So how can we thank them? What can we do to repay this debt?

We can start by just saying thanks. We need to start saying thanks quickly because all of our World War I veterans are gone and World War II veterans are passing away each day. Those veterans who were a part of our greatest generation will no longer be with us by 2035.

However, there is something else we can do and maybe the most important. We can start by being proud Americans. We can start by being ambitious, creative, and hard working. Each and every one of us can show veterans our appreciation by living the American dream. These principles are what they have fought for. To squander it all away would be the most egregious insult.

Today, thank a veteran, and be a proud American.

Source: Townhall