December 4, 2021

French Reporters Stunned At Obama’s Ignorance: “He is an As**ole! An As**ole!”

French Reporters Stunned At Obama’s Ignorance: “He is an Ass*ole! An Ass*ole!”

Now it appears some among the Climate Summit’s host-nation French media were just as outraged by Barack Obama’s glaringly ignorant commentary regarding how mass shootings only happen in the United States – and said those words while standing on a stage in Paris less than two weeks after that city saw hundreds of its citizens gunned down and blown up by Muslim terrorists in a mass shooting attack.

“The president appeared tired, bored, and then made comments that had some reporters glancing at one another as if to say, “Did he really just say that?”


Here once again is video of Mr. Obama veering wildly off the road of common sense or basic decency when he appears to initially deny the recent and terrible tragedy of the Paris terrorist attacks in favor of once again attacking gun rights in America:

It is said that following what was at times a painfully slow, slouching, and seemingly disinterested performance by President Obama, some among the French media were heard repeatedly using the words, “Connard! and Trouduc!” to describe their feelings regarding Mr. Obama’s bizarre commentary – phrases rather specific to a certain part of the human anatomy.