October 19, 2021

Islamic State Plans ‘Coordinated Terror Attacks’ Across European Cities

Islamic State Plans ‘Coordinated Terror Attacks’ Across European CitiesA former propaganda ‘mastermind’ for Islamic State says the terrorist group has plans for a “series of coordinated attacks across European cities” to replicate the bloody Paris attacks on other streets.

The plan for the coordinated terror attacks was told to authorities by a former Islamic State jihadi identified only as Harry S, reports The Express. He fled the terror group’s territory and is now being questioned by intelligence officers in Germany after having been charged with membership of a terror group — a conviction for which would result in a lengthy prison sentence.

He claims senior Islamic State commanders asked him and other fighters to “bring jihad back to their homeland”. The coordinated terror attacks across Europe would be the result. He explained:

“They want something that happens everywhere at the same time.

“All you need is to take a big knife, and go down to the streets and slaughter every infidel you encounter.”

The German jihadist — one of 700 according to estimates from Germany’s domestic intelligence agency — used to lead the Islamic State’s mass executions and weekly ideological training sessions in its nominal capital, Raqqa.

Earlier in the year Harry S featured in a video alongside the Islamic State flag. The film went on to show other German-speaking terrorists calling on supporters across the world to kill “infidels” and ended with two prisoners being shot dead.

After three months of beheadings and other executions Harry S claims he could no longer stand the brutality and escaped Syria for Germany.

Security services are reportedly concerned that the ongoing influx of migrants from the Middle East into Europe could set the stage for the sort of pan-European terror described by Harry S.

The former head of Austria’s domestic security agency, Dr Gert R. Polli, recently warned that terror groups may be taking advantage of the migrant crisis to place terrorists in Europe, as reported by Breitbart London. Wendt agreed that the possibility of terrorists and radicals coming in cannot be excluded as “borders are no longer controllable.”