October 24, 2021

Obama is more of a bigot than Donald Trump

Donald-Trump-vs-Barack-Obama-3-1024x536Donald Trump is accused of being a bigot for wanting to temporarily stop Muslim immigration, and to monitor mosques and suspicious individuals who, not surprisingly, are likely to be Muslim.

But that is not bigotry; it is common sense.  There is a large subset of Muslims who want to kill us and/or impose sharia law.  Since we don’t know who is who, these measures are necessary.  As Trump himself points out, what he is proposing is only one percent as drastic as the measures taken by FDR, the great liberal hero who locked up Japanese-Americans.  Trump is proposing locking up no one; rather, he wants simply not to admit any more Muslims for a time.

There is a bigot in all this, and his name is Barack Obama.  A bigot is someone who is prejudiced against members of a group.  Obama is clearly bigoted against Christian and Jewish Americans.  He values their feelings much less than he values the feelings of Muslims.  We’re in a war against radical Islam, but Obama can’t wrap his mouth around the words.  Instead, he blames the excesses of the Crusades from a thousand years ago and imaginary global warming.

This is because Obama, the bigot, values Muslim feelings over American lives.  Can you imagine what would happen if a Christian brought a hoax clock bomb to a Muslim school?  Would Obama say, “Cool clock, Christian!” and invite its maker over to the White House?  Certainly not.

And why didn’t Obama go to the funerals of any of the victims of the San Bernardino massacre or meet with their families?  Because he is unconcerned about Christian lives.  When Major Nidal Hasan murdered Christian soldiers, Obama’s administration called it “workplace violence.”  In the aftermath of San Bernardino, his attorney general warns against hate speech toward Muslims.  Obama himself once mocked Christians in Pennsylvania, saying they cling to their guns and religion.  Can you imagine Obama mocking Muslims in the same way, saying they cling to their AK-47s and Korans?

Obama insists on letting in tens of thousands more unvettable Muslim refugees and immigrants from the Middle East, like one of the San Bernardino killers.  He simply doesn’t care about the risk to American lives, most of which are Christian.

Why doesn’t Obama’s obvious disregard for Christian and Jewish lives make him a bigot?  Why doesn’t anyone call him a bigot?  Instead, it is Donald Trump, advocating commonsense measures to protect us, who is called the bigot.  He’s not proposing locking up ethnic groups like President Roosevelt.  He just wants to screen who comes in to better protect us.  There is no “right” to come to America.

It’s sad when other Republicans like Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan fall into line and criticize Trump for this.

Source: American Thinker