December 3, 2023

Rosemary Jenks: Budget Bill Helps Jihadis and Criminal Aliens, Hurts Americans

Ryan-walkin-Getty-640x480The Director of Government Relations at NumbersUSA, Rosemary Jenks, the 1.1 trillion 2016 spending bill, is “a huge debacle. Not only can we not afford it. It’s actually going to hurt the livelihood of Americans. It’s going to help jihadis. It’s going to help criminal aliens. It’s going to help refugees coming from the Middle East but it’s not going to help Americans.”

Jenks was a guest today on Breitbart News Daily with Stephen K. Bannon.

Breaking her comment down, said Jenks:

If you are a jihadi and you want to come to America, this bill is going to let you in because there are no restrictions. There’s actually an extra $100 million in this bill to bring in re-settled refugees here from everywhere around the world, including the Middle East. So, if you’re a jihadi, you’re in luck.

The $100 million is over last year’s level and there’s no new allowance for better vetting of refugees, according to Jenks.

As for criminal aliens, said Jenks, “If you’re a criminal alien and you live in a sanctuary city, you’re in luck, too, because this bill continues giving federal government grants to sanctuary cities despite the fact that they will not follow the law and arrest those criminal aliens for the federal government to pick up.” Jenks feels the provision could have easily been taken out of the bill as the House has already passed legislation taking away some grants from sanctuary cities and Obama likely wouldn’t veto the entire omnibus bill over that one provision.

The bill also states the government expects an additional 58,000 unaccompanied children at the Southern border given the current surge and Jenks pointed out that many of their parents are already here illegally, so in effect the bill funds a family reunification effort for illegal aliens. The bill affords them free education and medical care, versus many hard working American citizen who have to pay for theirs on their own.

Host Bannon insists Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)58% “betrayed his country” with this latest bill. As for border security, Jenks said the bill includes no additional monies over previous years and some of the funding was actually cut.

Pointing out how the bill hurts Americans, Jenks said, “If you’re an American citizen and you only have a high school diploma, this bill is going to quadruple the number of foreign born low-skilled workers who can come in here to take temporary jobs.” Jenks insisted the provision was out of regular order and basically “slipped” into the bill and “hidden,” while breaking Paul Ryan’s promise to not change immigration law while Barack Obama is still in office.

“One of the worst things about this,” said Jenks, “is this goes after low-skilled Americans, the people who can least afford to lose their jobs, or not get a job. This is really dastardly in that it damages low-skilled American workers, students, young people, minorities, people in inner cities. They expected this to get through because those people don’t have a voice.”

Bannon vowed to get to the bottom of who put what in the current bill. The entire interview can be heard below: