October 19, 2021

Spoiler Alert: California Already Has Obama’s Fantasy Gun Control Utopia

3f4bf527-ead6-4d26-b97d-39f501684bcfFor months and repeatedly after national atrocities involving the use of a firearm to kill innocent people, President Obama has called for “common-sense” gun control measures. His White House has repeatedly put out the talking point that universal background checks are necessary to prevent future violence.

The terror attack in San Bernardino is no different. Hours before we even knew who the suspects were, President Obama called for new gun control measures.

There’s just one major problem: Obama’s idea of gun control utopia already exists in California. Some of the requirements in the state:

-Universal background checks (which the terrorists in this case passed)

-Registration for firearms

-Extreme limits on concealed carry permits

-Lead ammunition bans

-Requirement to have a license of any firearm purchase in the state

-Waiting periods for purchase

-Gun bans

-Magazine bans

-Limits on magazine capacity


Over to you, Chris Cox:

In California, President Obama had what he wanted — the strictest gun control in the country — and it did not prevent this evil act. The plain truth is that the president cannot keep us safe. And his policies would leave us defenseless. That’s why our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves must be protected. It’s not just a constitutionally guaranteed freedom. It’s a natural, God-given, human right.

Source: Townhall