October 26, 2021

Thanksgiving: the Perspective of an Immigrant

130404-immigration-main-hmed734p.photoblog600As an immigrant living in this country I decided to write this article on Thanksgiving day, something in my heart told me it was necessary. I am sure that millions of immigrants identify themselves with the following statements and share my opinions.

As a child, my dream was to live in the United States -Thank God that dream became a reality-. For numerous reasons, this country still is the dream destination to millions around the world. Many even risk their lives trying to reach the United States.

Most likely most of the readers were not born abroad. That being said, they may not share the history and feelings of an immigrant.

People immigrate to the United States for multiple reasons such as religious or political persecution, natural disasters, fleeing from totalitarian or Communist regimes, or simply looking for a better standard of living.

Presently 1 million immigrants become US citizens every year. This statistic makes the United States, the largest, and most immigrant inclusive melting pot in the world.

It is reasonable to believe that many immigrants celebrate Thanksgiving. However, an immigrant’s perspective when it comes to this holiday may differ from the perspective of one born in the U.S. The reason is that every immigrant has a unique personal history that led him or her to the United States.

To be aware of these differences, we may need to experience an immigrant’s life prior to and after immigrating, Only then can we appreciate the meaning of Thanksgiving and the reasons to be thankful to the United States.

Saying that, let me share with you the reasons I, as an immigrant, am thankful for what this wonderful country has offered me:

1. I thank the United States because it opened its doors for me and welcomed me as a fellow American.

2. I thank the United States for being the pioneer of immigration in the world.

3. I thank the United States because it provided me with opportunities that are hard to find in many other countries.

4. I thank the United States for all my friends, foreign and American, who taught me the history of this great country.

5. I thank the founding fathers of the United States for being able to create the greatest Constitution in the world for “We the people.”

6. I thank the United States for being a pillar of freedom, justice and democracy.

7. I thank the United States for fighting totalitarian, communist and oppressive regimes around the world.

8. I thank the United States for its generosity in rescue, support and charity within dozens of countries each year.

9. I thank the United States for being the number one creator of wealth and technology in the history of the world.

10. I thank the United States for being founded upon and upholding Judeo-Christian principles.

As a legal immigrant of this country I pray that God helps us safeguard the United States, its history and its values for the sake and the preservation of future generations.

Let God Bless the United States of America and protect it from all enemies, foreign and domestic.