October 18, 2021


The Celebration Has Begun – Cradle-to-Grave Big Government

Please read through this article put out by the Coalition for Community Schools and see how giddy these people are over the passage by Congress of the NCLB rewrite (ESSA) bill on 12.9.15. This new federal law will open the door for “school based health clinics” (a.k.a., Community Schools) where the federal government will be in charge of children from cradle-to-grave. Now everybody can get contraceptives and abortions at will – on school time! It is exactly what Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have always wanted.

Now children won’t have to be dependent upon their parents for anything. Big Government will do it all! By passing the ESSA, teachers will no longer make academics their focus but will go right into doing psychological and emotional assessments of their students (Pre-K through Grade 12) even though teachers are not trained psychologists/psychiatrists.

Big Government will decide what and when students need medications; and if the child does not happen to believe the way Big Government wants him to believe, he will be put through sensitivity training and/or labeled for life. His profile will be tracked from cradle-to-grave, and parents will have no control over what is put into the data tracking system. The child’s life will be guided and directed by those assessments (workforce competencies) right into his career pathway without any parental guidance or control. ESSA is “Big Daddy” in the flesh.

I shudder to think what all of this will cost the American taxpayer not only in the loss of money but in the loss of the authority and responsibility for a person’s own children. After all, what will be the incentive for any parent to feel responsible for his/her children when the government will do it all for her/him?

LINK TO COALITION FOR COMMUNITY SCHOOLS – SEE HOW THEY ARE CELEBRATING THE PASSAGE OF THE ESSA BILL — http://www.communityschools.org/new_federal_education_law_boosts_community_schools/

12.9.15 — “Clueless Congressmen: NCLB Passes — More Fed Control Over Education on the Way” — by Donna Garner


Source: Education Views