October 22, 2021


Russian President President Vladimir Putin holds up a glass during a toast at a luncheon hosted by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Monday, Sept. 28, 2015, at United Nations headquarters. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Many people were surprised when Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin endorsed Donald Trump for president. Later in a TV interview Trump said Putin had not killed journalists, opponents, or defectors, showing his ignorance or his desire not to criticize Putin. Donald Trump’s attitude about Russia and its dictator Vladimir Putin shows he is naive and highly misinformed so his critics will argue that he is unfit to lead the United States. Trump’s views of Russia are about the same as Hillary Clinton’s—that Vladimir Putin can be trusted to do the right thing in global affairs if he is just treated nicely by the United States. Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s Russia “re-set” policy was a disaster. Trump’s strange views about Putin and Russia apparently come from his desire to do business deals in Russia.

Trump held the “Miss Universe” contest in Moscow in 2013. During that time, it was announced that he was working closely with a Russian billionaire, close to dictator Putin, on real estate deals in Russia. A “Russian Trump Tower” was reported to be in the planning stages. Trump could make millions of dollars doing business with the Kremlin. But what about our national security?

Mitt Romney, 2012 Republican presidential candidate, wrote the book No apology: The Case for American Greatness in 2010. Romney asserts in his book that American strength is essential. Nations such as China and a resurgent Russia threaten to overtake the United States on many fronts.

Unlike Donald Trump, Mitt Romney is well aware of the danger that Vladimir Putin presents to the national security of the United States. He stated the following: “Russia aims to reassert itself as a global superpower… When Putin shut gas off to Ukraine and Europe during the winter of 2009… He showed a willingness to wield energy as a political weapon…Putin’s moves have purpose beyond energy: anything that diminishes America pleases him, both because it weakens a competitive power and because it gratifies his personal animus for the United States. Russian presence in Venezuela (and now in Cuba) and Russia’s resistant to several years sanctioning of North Korea and Iran as they have pursued their nuclear programs are a stick in the eye for the United States. So, too, is Russia’s insistence that the world replace the dollar as the reserve currency. Putin also bitterly opposes any development that will strengthen the United States such as missile defense, particularly in Eastern Europe, and the admission of former Soviet satellites into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).”

Garry Kasparov’s book, Winter is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must Be Stopped, explained the nature of the dictatorship in Russia and why Putin must be stopped.
Kasparov fled Russia and his book is an indictment of both major political parties in the United States regarding their treatment of Putin’s Russia. Kasparov, the former chess champion, fled Russia when he learned that his life would be in danger if he remained in his country. His longtime friend and colleague, Boris Nemtsov, stayed in Russia to organize politically against Putin. Nemtsov was murdered in cold blood in the middle of Moscow on February 27, 2015.

Garry Kasparov’s book tells the story of Russia’s fall back into a dictatorship—and how the West is now paying the price for allowing it to happen. Kasparov explained the following: “The coming of power of Vladimir Putin—a former lieutenant colonel of the KGB—to the presidency of Russia in 1999 was a strong signal that the country was headed away from democracy. Yet in the intervening years—as America and the world’s other leading powers have continued to appease him—Putin has grown not only into a dictator but as a major international threat. With his vast resources and nuclear arsenal, Putin is at the center of a worldwide assault on political liberty and the modern world order.”

Garry Kasparov has been a vocal critic of Putin for over a decade, even leading the pro-democracy opposition against him in the farcical 2008 presidential election. Yet, after years of seeing his Cassandra-like prophecies about Putin’s intentions fulfilled, Kasparov was left with a darker truth: Putin’s Russia, like ISIS or al-Qaeda, defines itself in opposition to the free countries of the world. Kasparov pointed out in his book that he accepts the evidence that Putin’s comrades in the Federal Security Service (FSB) —the successor to the KGB—carried out the 1999 Moscow apartment bombings that were blamed on Islamists and used to justify Putin’s war in Chechnya.

Kasparov stated the following: “As Putin has grown ever more powerful, the threat he poses has grown from local to regional and finally to global. In this urgent book, Kasparov shows that the collapse of the Soviet Union was not an endpoint—only a change of seasons, as the Cold War melted into a new spring. But now, after years of complacency and poor judgment, winter is once again upon us.”

Arguing with the force of Kasparov’s world-class intelligence, conviction, and hopes for his home country, Winter Is Coming reveals Putin for what he is: an existential danger hiding in plain sight.

Jeff Nyquist, a geopolitical analyst who has written several books on Soviet/Russian strategy, including The New Tactics of Global War (2015), which he co-authored with Benjamin Baruch, is very concerned about Trump’s attitude towards Russia.

In their book, The New Tactics of Global War, Nyquist and Baruch explained the following: “The 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union ended the Cold War, an event described in the West as the end of history. Post-Soviet Russia appeared to embrace free markets and democratic elections so the West would begin to view the new Russia as a friend. In 2014 Russian forces invaded and annexed Crimea.

A New Cold war had begun. Russia was ready for this conflict, having armed itself to the teeth with new weapons. The demise of the Soviet Union now appears to have been greatly exaggerated or, at worst, an intentional deception. Although the intelligence service of the Soviet era, the KGB, was renamed the Federal Security Service( FSB), it facilitated the rise of Vladimir Putin to power, himself a former KGB official, proving the Security service from the former Soviet era was still very much in power within the new Russia.”

In The New Tactics of Global War, the authors explained what happened at the end of the Cold War and why Russia remains the number one threat to the national security of the United States. The moves and counter-moves of the present crisis stem from a long-running deception game. The book allows the reader to understand the “mind of the enemy.”

Jeff Nyquist recently stated that any American businessman who travels to Russia runs the risk of being hurt or compromised. He said that “either Mr. Trump’s moral compass is broken, or he doesn’t understand Russia at all.”

Yet, Donald Trump said regarding Vladimir Putin, “I would talk to him, I would get along with him.” Trump thinks he can trust the Russians even though the Department of State recently stated that Russia is violating the 1987 treaty on intermediate missiles.

Therefore, the attitude and views of the front runner for the Republican presidential nomination must be examined without fear of angering misguided Trump supporters. The national interest of the United States must be considered first and foremost.

Is Trump the new Armand Hammer?

On December 29, 2015, Cliff Kincaid wrote an article entitled “Is Trump the New Armand Hammer?” which was published in Accuracy in Media. Kincaid is a strong anti-communist, has an excellent TV program, and is an author of many outstanding books.

Donald Trump’s views and attitude on Putin and Russia are not only alarming but dangerous. This shows he is naive and so misinformed that his critics will argue that he is unfit to lead the United States.

Kincaid explained that ever since he started writing critically about Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s apparent lack of knowledge on the Russian military threat, and the nature of the Vladimir Putin regime, various conservative websites that usually run his column have been refusing to do so. These conservative websites seem to believe that Trump is a legitimate conservative and that his followers cannot be offended with negative information about their favorite candidate. Some of them had previously run articles about Vladimir Putin being a Christian statesman or anti-terrorist leader.

Kincaid pointed out the following: “Major factors in this disturbing trend among the conservative media include Russian propaganda organs like RT (Russia Today) in the United States and the work of Russian trolls in spreading disinformation. Some of these trolls are self-described American conservatives who openly cite RT as a credible source of information.”

Kincaid wrote that doing business deals in Russia can be lucrative, but also very dangerous. Bill Browder’s book on Putin’s Russia, Red Notice, exposed how dictator Putin, his old KGB comrades, organized crime, and a select group of billionaires are looting the country. Browder is the grandson of Earl Browder, former head of the Communist Party USA. Browder believed in the promise of a modern and democratic Russia and invested heavily in that country. But his assets were stolen and his lawyer murdered.

Kincaid believes that Trump may be similar to Armand Hammer. This writer remembers, along with many conservatives, about sleazy billionaire businessmen Armand Hammer, a Soviet agent of influence, who wanted Americans to do business with Russia. Hammer was very close to all the Kremlin leaders.

Kincaid wrote that Trump’s campaign statements suggest he thinks he can work with and trust the Russians and that he is flattered by Putin’s attention. He pointed out that Jeffrey Lord, a contributing editor to The American Spectator, appeared as a CNN contributor and Trump supporter to defend these and other statements made by Trump. Trump is not the “Winston Churchill of our time,” as conservative radio host Michael Savage described him.

Kincaid explained the following: “Trump may go down in history as the biggest Russian dupe of all time. Yet he is the GOP frontrunner for president. As the endorsements of Trump from Lord and Savage suggest, Trump enjoys support from various organs of the conservative media. The support stems from favorable coverage on sites such as Breitbart, Newsmax and the Drudge Report, and from such personalities as Dick Morris, the former FoxNews commentator, and Alex Jones. Some writers, advertisers and articles on these sites have bought into the notion that Trump is a conservative and that Putin is a conservative as well. Those who have abandoned the liberal media have frequently turned to these and other outlets for their news and information…It’s a fact that Trump’s assault on political correctness has won many admirers. That’s why he’s at the top of the polls and has such political appeal…But when he expressed ignorance about the nuclear triad during a presidential debate, and then defended Putin against charges that he killed dissidents, it should have been apparent that Trump was no conservative, and that he was only playing one on TV.  Unlike Reagan, he has no coherent ideology. His soft spot for Russia, however, stands out as strange.”

Kincaid also added the following: “From Putin’s point of view, he must think that playing to Trump’s ego is a geopolitical winner. Putin may think that if Trump doesn’t get the Republican nomination and instead runs as a third party candidate, he would split the conservative vote and Hillary Clinton would coast into the White House. She would “continue the soft-on-Putin policies characterized by the Obama/Clinton Russian “re-set” that set the stage for Putin’s aggression in Ukraine and Syria.”

Putin’s interest is to prevent a foreign policy expert to be the Republican presidential candidate since this individual would understand the nature of his regime. Putin wants to prevent a well-informed person who is aware of the threat of Russia to the national security from gaining power in the United States. Kincaid said in his television broadcast in December 2015 that of all of the Republican presidential candidates, Senator Marco Rubio is the only one who has denounced Putin as a gangster and a threat to the United States.

Kincaid said that “any legitimate American conservative who opposes Putin and exposes his network of paid and unpaid assets is attacked by his propaganda channel Russia Today and the Russian trolls on the Internet.” Trump’s defenders have said that Trump is right about radical Islam and that Putin is right about that threat as well. Trump has welcomed Russian military strikes in Syria, strikes that Russia stated are targeting the Islamic State or ISIS. According to Trump, the United States and Russia should see the conflict in the Middle East in the same way. This, of course, is incorrect.

Russian Disinformation

The Russian intelligence agents are experts in disinformation. Kincaid raised these questions: “But what if that view stems from propaganda and disinformation? What if there is a Russian role in global Islamic terrorism, just as there was a Soviet role in the creation of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and its rise to power in the Middle East?”

Kincaid explained that when Daesh, also called the Islamic State, ISIS, and ISIL, was blamed for the destruction of a Russian airplane flying out of Egypt, many believed that it was clear that Russia was at war with Daesh and that Russia and the United States could work together against the common radical Islamic threat. However, there seemed to be conflicting accounts of how the plane was brought down. Andrew Malone of the London Daily Mail has now offered the view of a former KGB officer that the Russian FSB brought the plane down by smuggling a bomb onboard in order “not only to obtain worldwide sympathy at a time when Russia was being treated as a pariah because of its aggression towards Ukraine, but also to gain support for its ostensible belligerence against ISIS…”

Malone wrote about the “ostensible belligerence against ISIS” because the rebel groups in Syria being attacked by Putin are “sworn enemies of his ally President al-Assad,” and not necessarily ISIS. Assad is a long-time Soviet/Russian client. Malone’s source is Boris Karpichkov, a former spy with the KGB “who now lives under a new identity with his wife and family at a secret location in England after fleeing here in fear for his life.” Karpichkov said that he still has sources inside Russia’s intelligence services.

Kincaid said that the purpose of the plot to bring down the Russian plane was to get “at least silent international approval” for “massive military operations against Assad’s enemies under the guise of a campaign against the Islamic State terrorists blamed for bombing the Russian passenger jet; and to bolster Russia’s multi-billion-pound weapons business with the Middle East.” However, U.S. military officials have been among those pointing out that Russian military strikes in Syria have not been targeting the Islamic State but the Syrian moderates. U.S. military officials know where the bombs are falling.

Analyst Jeff Nyquist said he tends to believe the Karpichkov theory about the downing of the Russian airplane. He told Accuracy in Media the following: “Putin and his comrades have done this before, and we know how they play the game. ISIS is actually led by Russian agents according to an FSB defector in Ukraine. How could the FSB not know the bomb attack on the plane was being arranged? They either allowed or were behind it.” The FSB defector in Ukraine has explained how former members of Saddam Hussein’s security and military services were recruited to form the core of ISIS.

Kincaid believes that Trump’s strange views about Russia may reflect information he has received from Roger Stone, a former Trump adviser who wrote a book absolving the Russians and Cubans of playing a role in Lee Harvey Oswald’s assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Stone’s book, heavily promoted by Russia Today and the Voice of Russia, blamed then-Vice President Lyndon Johnson for John F. Kennedy’s murder, using a KGB operative named Joachim Joesten as a source. Joesten was assigned by the Soviet KGB to divert attention from the communist connections of Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, a member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee who was an avid consumer of communist publications such as The Worker and The Militant.

This writer has done a great deal of research on the Kennedy assassination. He believes that Fidel Castro, rogue KGB agents, and the Mafia most likely were the ones involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Kincaid explained that Roger Stone started a pro-Trump Super PAC called the Committee to Restore America’s Greatness. Stone stated the following: “I have been friends and worked with Donald Trump for 37 years, since we met in Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign. I chaired Trump’s Presidential Exploratory Committee in 2000 and wanted him to challenge Mitt Romney in 2012.” Mitt Romney was very aware of the threat that Russia presented and during the 2012 campaign he said that Putin was the number one geopolitical threat to the United States and the West. Marxist Obama had dismissed Romney as a throwback to the Cold War.

Kincaid wrote that Stone’s main targets appear to be Senator Marco Rubio and “The Establishment.” He said that “Any other Republican presidential candidate with a realistic view of Russia is a possible threat to Trump—and to Putin.”

Kincaid said the following: “Trump’s appearance on the Alex Jones show further demonstrates the candidate’s disregard for reality and truth. Jones is a notorious mouthpiece for Russian propaganda, including the 9/11 inside job theory about the terrorist attacks in the United States. Jones runs propaganda from RT, and even the Voice of Russia, on a regular basis. He defended Russia’s invasion of Georgia in 2008. We said at the time of his appearance on Jones’ program that Trump was apparently not aware that Jones promotes claims that actual terrorist attacks, such as the Boston Marathon bombings carried out by two Muslims from Russia, were “false flags” perpetrated by U.S. police and law enforcement agencies. His website ran a “Voice of Russia” story claiming the dead and wounded were actors plastered with fake blood. Jones has been described as an agent provocateur in conservative ranks. His purpose is to confuse and demoralize.”

Kincaid concluded his article by stating that Trump’s desire to engage in business dealings in Moscow and the Roger Stone and Alex Jones associations suggest that Trump is indeed the Kremlin’s candidate and that his purpose is to disrupt and create confusion in the Republican Party and conservative ranks. On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul noted, “Vladimir Putin does only things that are in Russia’s national interest. So for him to be endorsing Mr. Trump, that’s because he thinks it’s in Russia’s national interest for Mr. Trump to be the leader in the United States.”

Kincaid stated the following: “It’s impossible to argue with this assessment. The conservative websites promoting Trump do not want to admit they were wrong about the candidate, but the truth dictates that they engage in some immediate soul-searching before voting takes place and real damage is done. If these sources of information fail to do their jobs, it may ultimately be up to Trump’s political opponents in the race to bring up these issues.”

Cliff Kincaid wrote an article entitled “Follow Trump’s Money to Moscow” which was published in Accuracy in Media on December 22, 2015. Kincaid explained that the phrase “follow the money” is supposed to help explain human behavior, especially in politics. He explained the following: “So why has Donald Trump embraced Russian President Vladimir Putin? Why has he denied the evidence of Putin’s killing of Russian journalists and dissidents? A savvy businessman, Trump is certainly not dumb. There must be something else to it. Reports dating back to 1987, during the time of the old Soviet Union, reveal that Trump has been seeking business in Russia and attempting to build a Russian Trump Tower in Moscow and perhaps other Russian cities.”

Currently dictator Vladimir Putin’s cronies are under financial sanctions because of the Russian invasion of Crimea and Russia’s continued war in eastern Ukraine. Putin’s praise for Trump may signal another attempt to get the capitalists and their money back into Russia.

Kincaid pointed out that such a ploy depends on Trump’s and others attempts to rehabilitate Vladimir Putin by claiming that he is fighting terrorism in Syria and not bolstering a long-time Soviet/Russian client state. He said, “Thanks to the effectiveness of the Russia Today (RT) channel, which saturates the U.S. media market, especially cable television, Putin is indeed looking like a statesman on the world stage.”

Kincaid wrote that Trump’s relationship with Russia goes back to 1987, before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Trump was meeting with Soviet officials and negotiating the building of “luxury hotels” in Moscow and Leningrad. A report at the time said Trump had met Soviet Ambassador Yuri Dubinin, who mentioned how much his daughter had admired the “opulent” Trump Tower in New York City. This led to an invitation extended to Donald Trump to visit the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR). The report said Ambassador Dubinin wrote a letter to Trump, who hosted a meeting with Soviet officials in New York.

Kincaid said that the invitation to Moscow was issued by Intourist, the giant Soviet in-country travel organization which operated all the hotels for foreigners in the Soviet Union. The bloody dictator Joseph Stalin created Intourist in 1929 which was run by KGB officials and now by its successor FSB officials. Intourist hotels were designed for wealthy foreigners and virtually all the Intourist guides were KGB informers. In fact, one aspect of their jobs was the recruitment of foreigners.

Just like in Russia, all the tourist guides in communist Cuba work for the secret police and all foreigners and tourists in Cuba are subject to espionage in the government hotels where they stay. Frequently tourists and visitors are blackmailed if filmed with prostitutes in their hotel rooms.

Kincaid said that the book, The Global Emerging Market: Strategic Management and Economics, by Vladimir Kvint explained that as far back as 2008, the Trump Organization had registered its trademarks in Russia in the areas of real estate development and construction. Kvint wrote in his book the following: “Trump’s son, Donald Jr., said in an interview at the time that his father was looking at investing in Russia and China. These were considered top A-list countries. Donald Jr. is the executive vice president of Development & Acquisitions at the Trump Organization.”

As explained earlier by Kincaid, American businessman Bill Browder ran an investment fund in Russia called Hermitage Capital. Browder thought private property rights were going to be protected in Russia. However, he was deported in 2005, his assets stolen, and his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, was tortured and killed. Browder stated the following: “The Russian regime is a criminal regime. We’re dealing with a nuclear country run by a bunch of Mafia crooks. And we have to know that.”

Kincaid pointed out that cases like that did not stop Congress in 2012 from voting for Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) for Russia. It passed the Senate by a vote of 92-4 and the House by 365-43. Kincaid said, “Despite the ominous trends, including Putin’s invasion of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia in 2008, big business thought a lot of money could still be made in Russia.”

Kincaid explained that Trump said in his 2011 book, Time To Get Tough, that China is “not our friend” and that it is stealing our jobs, technology, and military capabilities. Trump’s attacks on China have been a big hit on the campaign trail. However, as far as Russia is concerned, there is no discussion in the 2011 book of doing business with Putin. But Trump said that he “often speaks highly” of Putin because of his “intelligence and no-nonsense way.”

File:Anna Politkovskaja im Gespräch mit Christhard Läpple.jpgJournalist Anna Politkovskaya was poisoned, but after she survived, was later shot dead.

Kincaid pointed out that Putin certainly has a “no-nonsense” approach to his perceived political enemies. Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya was poisoned. After she miraculously survived, she was then later shot dead on October 7, 2006, which happened to be Putin’s birthday.

Kincaid explained the following: “Politkovskaya had been warning about the KGB’s return to power and was investigating the circumstances surrounding the kidnapping and murder of hundreds in the Beslan school massacre in southern Russia in 2004. This event, like the 1999 Moscow apartment bombings, was blamed on Islamists and gave Putin the opportunity, or pretext, to further consolidate his power over the military, the intelligence agencies, and the economy. He assumed virtual dictatorial powers.”

Former FSB agent, Alexander Litvinenko, who deserted to London, was murdered by poisoning in that city.

Kincaid wrote that the poisoning of Politkovskaya was a hallmark of the KGB’s “no-nonsense” way of doing business. Later that same year, dissident and former FSB officer, Alexander Litvinenko, was murdered by poisoning in London, to where he had fled. Litvinenko wrote the book, Blowing Up Moscow: The Secret Plot to Bring Back KGB Terror, that deals the FSB’s role in those 1999 Moscow apartment bombings. He had also named al-Qaeda’s number two man, Ayman al-Zawahiri, as having been trained by the KGB.

Kincaid stated the following: “While Trump’s 2011 book denounced Obama’s pandering to the Russians in areas like sabotaging missile defense for our allies, he said Putin had a grand vision, the creation of a Eurasian Union to replace the USSR. He said Putin wanted to control oil supplies to all of Europe. This was an important insight into how Putin’s regime is not defensive, nor reacting to the U.S. and NATO, but is instead aggressive in foreign affairs and trying to dominate its neighbors. However, rather than explain what the Russians were up to with this grand vision, Trump went on to say Hats off to the Russians in getting their way with Obama. One can fully understand taking Obama to task for giving in to the Russians. But praising the Russians for taking advantage of Obama reflects a trait that is all too common with many conservatives. Their disgust with Obama has blinded them to the nature of our enemies, who exploit his foreign policy to their advantage. They somehow think Putin is acting in America’s interests when Obama is not. That’s ludicrous.”

Kincaid pointed out that in his latest book, Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again, Trump explained that Putin is “outmaneuvering” Obama in the Middle East. Trump called Putin a leader, in contrast to Obama. But what is Putin leading? Trump referred to Iran as “Russia’s best friend,” without explaining the significance of its alliance with Russia. Trump also said in his book that he does not understand “why Germany and other countries watched impassively as Putin marched into Ukraine.”

After the invasion of Ukraine and the shoot-down of the Malaysian plane by Russian-backed terrorists, Trump claimed, “I think I became much richer because I can understand people and read people and Putin is not finished. Putin has got a long way to go.” Again, we are left thinking that Trump understands the aggressive intentions of Vladimir Putin. Yet, when Donald Trump was asked about the nuclear balance with Russia during the most recent Republican presidential debate, “he displayed complete ignorance of the decaying nature of the U.S. nuclear triad, which constitutes our ability to deter and survive a Russian nuclear first strike.”

Kincaid concluded his article by pointing out the following: “It looks like Putin has outmaneuvered Obama and Trump. It is an opening for Trump’s opponents, especially Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Marco Rubio (R-FL). But do they have the courage to follow the money and hold Trump accountable for doing business with a criminal regime that threatens the survival of the United States? At the end of this money trail they may find an explanation of why Trump is so reluctant to hold Putin responsible for his crimes.”

The strange friendship of Donald Trump with Bill and Hillary Clinton

Well-known author Ed Klein wrote an article in his blog on August 9, 2015 that was widely shared entitled “Why Bill Clinton Is behind Donald Trump’s Problems?” Klein explained that Bill Clinton is very happy and “takes full credit for Donald Trump’s mounting problems—his belligerent handling of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and his refusal to rule out a third-party bid.”

Trump is close to both Hillary and Bill Clinton and has contributed money to them in the past. The Clintons came to his wedding as he said during the first Republican presidential candidates’ debate.

Political insiders have told Klein that “Bill Clinton—who Charlie Rose once called the best political animal that’s ever been in American politics— called Donald Trump several weeks ago and encouraged him to run for president.” Why would Bill Clinton do that?

Klein pointed out that in Bill Clinton’s judgment, Jeb Bush presented the biggest threat to Hillary’s chances of winning the White House. Thus, he encouraged his friend Trump to run knowing the billionaire businessman would create confusion in the GOP ranks and damage Jeb Bush’s campaign.

Klein wrote the following: “Bill Clinton is a master at reading other people’s weaknesses, and he predicted that Trump—who never lets a slight or insult go unpunished—would go ballistic under tough questioning by Fox News anchors during the first Republican president debate. Bill was thrilled—but not surprised—when Trump threatened to launch a third party bid if he was defeated in the Republican primary. That was music to Bill ears, because it would split the Republican vote and hand the election to Hillary.” Klein concluded his article by saying that “It’s not surprising, therefore, that Bill Clinton thinks he was the real winner of last week’s Republican presidential debate.”

Donald Trump agrees with Obama’s New Cuba policy

Donald Trump said on September 7, 2015 that he believed that restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba was a good idea. Patricia Mazzei wrote an article in the El Nuevo Herald on September 9, 2015 explaining that Trump visited the Library Museum of the Brigade 2506 in Miami in 1999 when Trump was considering running for president on the Reform Party. He told the veterans of the Bay of Pigs invasion that Fidel Castro was an “assassin” and a “criminal” and that he should not be rewarded with the lifting of the commercial embargo and restoring diplomatic relations. Now Trump agrees with Obama’s New Cuba policy.

TRUMP AND BRIGADE 2506Donald Trump gave a speech denouncing Fidel Castro and in favor of the commercial embargo to Cuba when he visited the Library Museum of the Brigade 2506 in Miami and spoke to veterans of the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1999. Now he has changed his mind and agrees with the terrible policy of Obama with respect to Cuba. Perhaps, the billionaire businessman is planning to build a Trump Tower Hotel in Havana in the near future.

Trump is the second Republican presidential candidate to support Obama’s shameful policy towards Cuba. Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky was the first to agree with Obama’s normalization of diplomatic relations with Cuba. However, former Governor Jeb Bush, Senator Marco Rubio, and Senator Ted Cruz are all opposed to the Obama’s appeasement policy towards Cuba and all the series of unilateral concessions that this president has given to the Castro brothers with nothing in return.

Analyst Nevin Gussack said regarding Donald Trump, “While his trade and immigration policies would strengthen our strategic and economic posture, his naiveté and ignorance of Russia and even Cuba is very disconcerting.” It appears that Trump has flip-flopped on the question of whether he would invest in communist Cuba.


The attitude and views of Donald Trump, the front runner for the Republican presidential nomination, must be examined by conservatives in the media without fear of angering misguided Trump supporters. The national interest of the United States must be considered first and foremost.

Trump’s views and attitude about Russia and its dictator Vladimir Putin are not only alarming but very dangerous to the security of the nation. By having these views and attitude, Trump shows he is naive and so misinformed that he is unfit to lead the United States. His association with Roger Stone and Alex Jones suggest that Trump is indeed the Kremlin’s candidate and that his purpose is to disrupt and create confusion in the Republican Party. He has insulted all Republican presidential candidates and often threatens to run as a third party candidate knowing full well that such a move will elect Hillary Clinton in 2016 as president.

Donald Trump supported the election of Barack Obama in 2008 and donated money to many Democratic leaders in Congress and to Bill and Hillary Clinton. He met with his golf partner Bill Clinton prior to running for the Republican Party nomination. This should raise a great deal of suspicion as to his motives.

In addition, Trump flip-flopped on the diplomatic relations with Cuba and the embargo. He is in agreement with the shameful and misguided Obama new Cuba policy. So Trump is both wrong on Russia and on Cuba. Conservative Republicans need to wake up and reject Trump quickly before it is too late.

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