January 22, 2022

VIDEO: Conservative Rock Star Dana Loesch Strikes Back at “Godless Left” … INCREDIBLE

VIDEO: Conservative Rock Star Dana Loesch Strikes Back at “Godless Left” … INCREDIBLE

Conservative commentator Dana Loesch let at the “Godless left” during “The Dana Show” Tuesday — and it’s something every conservative ought to see.

Without holding back on her verbal venom, Dana rhetorically assaulted those who would mock Christians praying after a tragedy, as well as politicians who would put political correctness ahead of the safety and well-being of American citizens.

She also had some choice words for liberals who would seek to disarm us in the midst of increasing threats of violence.

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“If you have a problem with being called the godless left, maybe don’t be the godless left,” Dana began. “You had the New York Daily News, you had elected officials and you had journalists mocking people who were simply asking for prayers — mocking them.”

She went on to address the ludicrous rule put in place by the Obama administration that limits the review of social media accounts of potential refugees and immigrants for evidence of radicalization, calling out both President Obama and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

“Because Jeh Johnson was so obsessed with political correctness and so obsessed with optics — which I’m sure is going to be of great comfort to the 14 families who lost people in San Bernardino that day — I’m sure they’ll find great comfort in the fact that Jeh Johnson did all he could to make sure that DHS was beyond reproach in terms of politically correct optics.”

Loesch went on to decry the lax vetting system that allows into the U.S. “every Tom, Dick and Harry from every hotbed terrorist activity cell around the world” while chastising those who would focus on guns and the National Rifle Association as the source of the problem of violence in this nation.

“(The government’s) No. 1 job is to keep Americans safe — they didn’t do it,” Dana said. “And now they want to make sure that you’re not able to protect yourself to pick up their slack.”

Finally, she specifically addressed those who so quickly move to exploit a crisis to advance their particular agenda, saying, “I also have a major problem with all these tragedy dry-humping whores.”

She added, “I‘m not watching my language because it’s about time somebody call you out for what you are. You sicken me.”

This right here is why so many conservatives love Dana Loesch, as she is bold, outspoken, and entirely unafraid to call out those who need to be called out.

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