November 28, 2021


150323122229-ted-cruz-quote-780x439Ted Cruz was born in Canada, is the son of a Cuban exile and a doctorate in law from Harvard Law School. He belongs to the Republican Party and wants to be president of the United States. A Latin American with these aspirations? In 2015 it’s not something relevant. We have an African American in the White House and a woman in campaign. Is Ted Cruz one < standard > political? Not at all. He wants to abolish the IRS.

Look how many politicians have dared to say that. I’m innocent! It was Ted Cruz! “Instead of a tax code that crushes innovation and put pressure on families, imagine a flat tax and a simpler and decentralized fiscal code”. Close the IRS and do away with income taxes are two goals of the Tea Party, a movement that is called <ultraconservative>. But spare the <ultra>. They are conservative; others who claim to be are not. They say the IRS is an obstacle of Marxist roots against the creation of jobs. We will crush a little this concept. If you force the businessmen to pay more taxes, they will be less interested in opening new business and for consequence jobs places diminish.

What is the IRS?

If you go to Wikipedia, you will find that in 1862 Republican president Lincoln was forced to sign a temporary income tax (Revenue Act 1862) to cover war’s expenses. Which one? Southern Democrats led a war to secede from the United States. Why? They didn’t want to abolish slavery (among other things).

Hum … Hum … and another Hum …: What do we celebrate on July 4, 1776? One of the revolution’s causes that brought us independence, were the taxes England wanted to charge. President Jefferson declared in 1806 that “it’s the pleasure and the pride of an American to ask: What farmer, mechanic, worker, has ever seen a taxes’ collector of the United States’ government?

Before…there was no income tax? Well …no!

The war ended in 1865 and the income tax was abolished by lawmakers seven years later, after the reconstruction of the country. In 1895 went to the Supreme Court the case Pollock against Farmers’ Loan & Trust Company. The verdict was in favor of Pollock, because they wanted to charge him direct taxes. “1- We support the view already announced: the taxes on real state are unquestionably direct taxes. The taxes on income or real state revenues are also direct taxes. 2-The taxes on personal property or income on personal property are in the same way direct taxes in the meaning of the Constitution”. Judge Melville Fuller, president of the United States Supreme Court.

It was illegal overcharge you with direct taxes, which are those that you pay for what belongs to you. Indirect taxes are those that you pay for what you consume or use, like going for a coffee, or buy a car. You have to pay those taxes. A year later, in 1895, the Democratic Party included the income tax in their electoral platform. The history of the IRS and the collection of direct taxes began after the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1913. Who was in power in 1913? President Woodrow Wilson and the Democratic Party.

A philosopher told me not long ago: “The Government needs the income tax to pay their public works”. And I asked him: How the US government performed its duties for over a hundred years?

“I think we should abolish the IRS. The US citizen could fill taxes on a postcard’s page. Put how much you earn, a deduction for charitable contributions, the house’s mortgage and the amount you owe. We have to set a limit on government power.” Ted Cruz said in a Fox News’ interview.

Cruz proposed a flat tax during the 2012 election, but said it would maintain a standard deduction for people of lower income and deductions for mortgage interest and charitable donations. Ted Cruz has gone a little further in jokingly. He said that “We need to put a padlock on the IRS building and send their agents to the border”.

There are currently more than 80 thousand IRS employees. One out of every four is an agent collector of taxes, including those following “criminals” investigations against those who haven’t paid. The rest belongs to the offices bureaucracy. Where does the money for their salaries come from?

The renowned economist Thomas Sowell has said he can’t escape the feeling the IRS collects taxes by putting a gun over the citizen’s head. Former presidential candidate Ron Paul compares these agents with armed police. The IRS collects more than 2.4 trillion dollars every year and “returns” about 234 million. Do you know what means in mathematics the term trillion? The IRS has plenty of money to pay to those who make fraudulent statements and cheat “the government’s money”.

According to initial surveys, Ted Cruz wouldn’t be the Republican candidate with more support. They say he is too “radical”. But Cruz has a warm spot in his hand: Explain to people what happened in 1913 when it emerged that we call IRS and income tax. I quote from Thomas Sowell. “Much of today’s problems are caused by the solutions we got yesterday.”

I would like to say one last thing before leaving. Especially for you who intend to vote for Hillary Clinton, only because she is a woman, without taking into account their ideas. Do you have your last check monthly payment? How much you have subtracted in direct taxes? Can you imagine having all that money the next month… and all those who follow?

Are you sure you don’t want to vote for Ted Cruz?