October 17, 2021

Why Doesn’t Hillary Call Out Her Husband for Being Used in ISIS Propaganda Video?

0Either Hillary did not know that an ISIS video existed which had her husband and former President being described as a ‘fornicator’, or she simply ignored the fact and made up something else.

Both are wrong and should be defined as such.

On one hand, the fact that the former Secretary of State is not up to date on all ISIS videos and information is stunning in itself and would mean that she is simply incompetent.  In the past, especially with Benghazi, we gave our Secretary State a pass when we found out that she was just incompetent (or so she says) and just swept it under the rug.

But on the other hand, she knew all about the video and refused to acknowledge it in the debate on Saturday night.  She knew that her husband was on an ISIS video released several weeks ago and instead made something up about Donald Trump.  Did she never mention it because the video labeled her husband as a ‘fornicator’?  Did she lie about Trump being on an ISIS video to cover up the fact that her own husband was seen in one?

What’s the truth?

Source: Townhall