October 25, 2021


Frank de Varona 3The real Obama, has been associated his entire life with Marxists, socialists, and radicals. Frank De Varona provided an account of Obama’s connections with his racist and unpatriotic pastor, Jeremiah Wright, his friendship with the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and with criminals such as Tony Rezco.

Frank revealed in his book “America in Decline” and in the presentation, the multitude of scandals that have marked Obama’s life before and after his election as president. The scandals of the purchasing of his house in Chicago, the Saudi Arabia’s financing his Harvard education, the IRS persecution of political opponents, Operation Fast and Furious, the NSA spying on Americans, the Benghazi affair, and many others. He points out that any of these recent scandals could result in impeachment charges on the president.

He explained that Obama is the first Marxist and hidden Muslim elected to the White House in the nation’s history. He spoke about Obama’s road towards a totalitarian socialist society and his disdain for the Judeo Christian values that made our nation great and his war against religion and Christianity. He told about Obama’s desire to take away the sovereignty and the wealth of the nation through U.N. laws and treaties and the eventual establishment of a one world government.

He also covered the misguided economic and foreign policies of the president who has placed our nation at risk of bankruptcy and seriously endangered our national security. The disastrous beginning of the first year of Obama´s second term. He discussed the unlawful Common Core, the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood and communists in the Obama administration, the history of the Muslim Brotherhood and its goal to destroy our nation and the West, Obama’s multiple violations of the Constitution and electoral fraud in the two presidential elections.  Talked about the volatile situation in Egypt and Syria as well as the increasing threat of al-Qaeda, Iran, China, and Russia.  The video of Frank’s presentation can be watched below.

Frank de Varona is the Bear Witness Central director in South Florida.  His articles can be read at https://bwcentral.org/frank-de-varona-articles/