August 1, 2021

Barack Obama’s Misleading Tears

obama2I have never seen a US President wipe-away-tears-like Barack Obama did during his recent gun control speech. Don’t get me wrong, it’s Ok to cry, it’s normal. What is striking about this situation, is the many circumstances surrounding the President’s emotional reaction.

Apparently, Barack Obama’s tears were the result of gun violence in the United States. In reality, in recent years the country has witnessed several tragic events such as the atrocities committed by Planned Parenthood, the cold-blooded murder of police officers, terrorist attacks, and Americans being beheaded by extreme radical Muslims.

However, let’s talk about gun related deaths, After all, this was the reason for the President’s tears. Throughout history, gun control has been a common denominator in all Socialist and Communist countries such as China, the Soviet Union, Cuba and Venezuela.

Venezuela is currently one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Like other leftist dictators, when Hugo Chávez seized power, he not only controlled guns, but also confiscated them.

Gun control is directly related to increased crime rates, violence, robberies and rapes. In the United States, one of the best examples of the negative effects of gun control is Chicago. Despite having strict gun control, it has one of the worst crime rates in the entire country.

This is also the case for other states. For example, during the recent massacre in San Bernardino, California, two Muslim terrorists killed 14 people in cold blood during a Christmas party.

Something important to remember, In the US, despite considerable increase in sales, gun related crimes and violence have decreased significantly in recent years. Today more men and women own guns in the country than ever before.

Barack Obama, like many Liberal Democrats, is a big proponent of gun control. It is hypocritical that the President promotes gun control, (supposedly to fight crime and to ensure the safety of the citizens) while releasing criminals from federal prisons and terrorists from Guantanamo.

Really, If Obama wants Americans not to buy guns he probably shouldn’t talk about it, because whenever the President touches this issue, gun sales soar. Simply, Americans do not trust Barack Obama; his rhetoric against the second amendment has been a constant stimulus for the acquisition of guns all over the country.

It is becoming clear Obama is willing to do and say anything to achieve his goals. The President’s assertion that the United States is the only civilized country where these massacres happen is a lie. These tragic events are seen around the world, including civilized countries. In fact, the worst gun related massacres reported are in European countries, Canada and Australia. In all these countries there are strict gun control laws.

In his last message to the nation on the alleged necessity of gun control, Barack Obama wept during his televised speech. It is interesting and certainly suspicious, that the President wept when he talked about gun control, but didn’t shed a tear when he referred to Americans beheaded by Islamic terrorists, or when the crimes committed by Planned Parenthood were unveiled. Similarly, Obama has shown no emotion of any kind whenever news concerning the genocide of Christians in the Middle East is presented.

It also struck me that Obama wept months or years after the tragic events attributed to the use of guns. Something troubling with the President’s plan is the involvement of Social Security. According to Obama’s executive order, Social Security will begin to collect data from citizens. This data will be evaluated by Government judges. These judges or bureaucrats will decide if someone has the constitutional right to bear arms and defend himself. The decisions will be issued on the basis of multiple medical problems, including non-specific conditions or even financial problems. Does this not sound suspicious?

For many, Obama is changing existing laws established by Congress, and this is unconstitutional. In fact, the President implemented new gun control laws without consulting the US Congress. The same thing happened with the health care reform (Obamacare) and immigration reform. Obama created and modified laws unilaterally claiming a right that belongs exclusively to the Congress.

Barack Obama also said in the press conference that anyone could purchase guns through the Internet without any kind of personal background check. That was another lie. In the United States, for a person to sell guns online, they must have approval from the federal Government. If the applicant does not qualify, the transaction is not processed.

Moreover, in this country, no one can sell guns to a person with a suspected criminal record. This is a felony. Contrary to what the President claims, the acquisition of guns already requires personal background checks. These laws have been in effect for years.

No President, Republican or Democrat, can dictate the norms that regulate the possession of guns for American citizens, not in the United States. Lets recall that the President has professed from the beginning a clear antagonism towards conservative groups, Christians, Republicans and The National Rifle Association. Laws must be created, eliminated or modified exclusively by the US Congress.

Barack Obama, as Commander in Chief, must fight terrorism (at the national and international level), rather than disarm Americans. The President does not seem to understand that the last mass shooting in the United States had absolutely nothing to do with gun control. It was a massacre related to radical Islamic terrorism.

Americans must also keep in mind that the ultimate goal of a politician who promotes gun control is confiscation. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama frequently mention Australia as a great example of gun control. What they do not mention is the fact that Australia confiscates guns from its citizens.

The Administration should focus on enforcing existing laws and ensuring the safety of citizens. Each year, because of criminal records, authorities refuse to grant permission to purchase guns to thousands of people, some of which are fugitives. Unfortunately, most of these people remain free, and do not appear before the authorities, ever. Vice President Biden recognized this problem and said that the Government has no capacity to prosecute all these people. What a sad explanation!

Barack Obama is more interested in disarming law-abiding citizens than keeping criminals and terrorists imprisoned. Thanks to the President’s executive action, criminals will continue to find ways to acquire guns, and citizens will become helpless.

The President’s plan basically concentrates on the ability to sell or buy guns as well as implementing new regulations. His executive action will not stop the attempts of criminals to obtain guns through illegal methods. The obstacles imposed by the Administration will leave millions unprotected.

I am sure that terrorists and criminals must have welcomed the new attack on the second amendment by the Obama administration. For many citizens and analysts, the President’s action was illegal, dishonest, and purely political.

One final question: Why can politicians, congressmen, entrepreneurs, celebrities or people of influence purchase and carry guns (or have body guards with guns), but ordinary citizens can’t without massive control and regulations?