October 12, 2021

Cuban Troops In Syria Running Russian Tanks Spark World War 3 Fears

Cuban Troops In Syria Running Russian Tanks Spark World War 3 Fears“Cuban Troops In Syria Running Russian Tanks Spark World War 3 Fears.” Inquisitr. . (2015): . . http://www.inquisitr.com/2496919/cuban-troops-in-syria-running-russian-tanks-spark-world-war-3-fears/

The sighting of Cuban troops in Syria proves one major thing; the Syrian civil war is not a civil war. How many countries are involved in Syria at this current moment? Too many.

Russia, China, Israel, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Australia, the UK, the USA, and, of course, there are more countries all involved with Syria. Proving the point that many individuals have been attempting to show, this is a proxy war. All it takes to understand that World War 3 has already begun is to look at the countries involved in this “civil war”.

Cuban troops have arrived in Syria. The military forces from the communist nation President Barack Obama recently decided to normalize relations with are believed to be preparing to staff Russian tanks. The Cuban soldiers are also reportedly going to advise the armed forces under the control of President al-Assad and may be going to fight the U.S.-backed Syrian rebel forces in Damascus.

The head of the military in Cuba, General Leopoldo Cintra Frias, recently visited Syria and led a group of military personnel to join forces with Russia, Fox News reports. A United States official confirmed on Wednesday that paramilitary and special forces units from Cuba were indeed on the ground in Syria, according to intelligence reports. The Cuban troops might have arrived in the civil war-torn Middle East nation via Russian planes, NewsMax reports.

Two Russian planes arrived in Damascus with men wearing full Cuban military uniforms on Monday, according to an Arab military officer stationed at the airport. When the officer stopped and questioned the Cuban troops, the men reportedly told him that they were experts on the operations of Russian tanks and were there to aid President al-Assad. Russia has long supplied military weapons and equipment to Cuba. The island nation offered assistant during the African offensive led by the former Soviet Union during the 1970s.

#Breaking: Miami University Center Reports Cuban Troops Deployed to #Syria http://t.co/zgA9lhEv02 @ICCAS_UM #Cuba pic.twitter.com/xzHAovK4Ri

— PanAm Post (@PanAmPost) October 14, 2015

The Syrian civil war has been going on for four years and reportedly caused approximately 250,000 people to lose their lives. The ongoing refugee crisis has burdened surrounding nations, with countries from around the globe being pressured to offer humanitarian immigration status to thousands fleeing the region. Concerns about terrorists posing as refugees have surfaced and prompted heated debate among lawmakers in the United States.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to make his military the most powerful in the world by 2020. Cuba’s military is reportedly ranked the 110th most powerful in the world. Although small in size, the Cuban armed forces are often regarded as “very well trained.” U.S. were reportedly not expecting Cuban soldiers to become active in Syria.

Earlier this year, President Obama removed Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. America and Cuba had not engaged in diplomatic relations since 1961.

Source: Freedom Fighter Times