February 8, 2023

Expert Says a “.44 Magnum Smoking Gun” Was Just Uncovered in Hillary’s Email

Expert Says a “.44 Magnum Smoking Gun” Was Just Uncovered in Hillary’s Email

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has gotten a lot bigger in the past week with the revelation that she had “beyond top secret” information on her private servers — information that put people’s lives in danger.

Of course, Hillary continues to blame this on some right-wing conspiracy, but the rest of the world recognizes that this is very bad for Hillary. Breitbart News contributor and chairman of military theory at Marine Corps University Sebastian Gorka thinks this is the most damaging revelation yet.

“We’ve talked about numerous smoking guns,” he said. “This is the biggest. This is the .44 Magnum of smoking guns.”

Hey, Hillary — feeling lucky … punk?

“The idea that we’re putting these (pieces of classified information) onto private, unguarded servers … this means that any enemy nation could penetrate and get access to those secrets, which undermines our national security, or could lead to the secretary [of state] being blackmailed,” Gorka told Fox Business NEtwork.

Clinton for her part has insisted that she did nothing wrong and none of the information she received by email was classified … at the time. Gorka says that’s just Hillary trying to weasel her way out of it.

“Listen to how she parses the words,” he stated “‘I did not receive or send information marked classified.’ That doesn’t matter. It’s not the marking that makes a government piece of information classified. It’s the nature of the information.”

So she may not be a liar … she was just too stupid to know what information in her email was classified. Somehow that doesn’t make things better.

Gorka also stressed that this behavior could only get worse if she becomes president, and information stolen from her private server made her susceptible to pressure — whether from a hacking group like Anonymous, or a foreign power.

“There’s the issue of what if Anonymous, or the Chinese, accessed that information on her private server?” Gorka explained. “And she’s in the White House, and they start to blackmail her, saying: ‘If you don’t do this, with regards to something that matters to us, we’re going to let out what you really did.’”

“So she’s eminently blackmailable, in addition to the issue of the security of our future information,” he concluded.

Given the number of secrets and lies the Clintons have told over the years, it is more than likely that there was some very damaging personal information on those servers.

Hillary Clinton must never be allowed to become president or else our country will be damaged beyond repair.

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