July 27, 2021

Germany Loses Track Of Half Its Muslim Migrants

Germany loses track of half its Muslim migrantsMuslim migrants arriving in Europe by the thousands every day. More than a million arrived last year alone

It seems every day there is a new chapter added to the emerging story of what life is like in the “New Europe” dominated by Islamic migrants.

On Thursday, reports came out of Germany that female volunteers at migrant camps were being routinely threatened and sexually harassed. One woman relayed a story about a Muslim man who said, “I decapitate you,” if she did not help him find better accommodations. Others have complained of death threats if they could not meet demands for high-paying jobs or luxury items, the Express reported.

Meanwhile, there is more evidence that the sheer number of migrants is overwhelming authorities. The Daily Mail reported that the German government admits it can’t account for 600,000 of its 1.1 million asylum-seekers from the Middle East and Africa, and many are thought to be using multiple identities to travel across Europe.

WND first reported on Germany’s “missing” migrants back in late October.

The admission by the German government comes as police in Munsterland in North Rhine-Westphalia today carried out a series of raids as part of the ongoing investigation into the Cologne New Year sex attacks.

Officers say they have so far recorded 821 complaints of criminal incidents including hundreds of sexual assaults.

The raids targeted two refugee centers, seizing 150 asylum seekers for questioning.

They found that many claimed to be from Syria but were mostly from North Africa, confirming the suspicions of government critics who have been silenced by German police. But they also found that every second person had been registered at least twice on Germany’s EASY processing system.

EASY stands for Erstverteilung von Asylbegehrenden, which translates as Initial Allocation System for Asylum Seekers.

The system, operated by the German Ministry For Migration And Refugees, aims to provide urgent first assistance to new arrivals by spreading them around the country based on a quota system.

Once the applicant’s county of origin has been taken, officials assign the refugee a place where they are to be cared for, and where they can then make an application for asylum.

Europe on the brink

Meanwhile, the migrant crisis has been a hot issue of debate among leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Thursday that Europe has “six to eight weeks” to get a handle on the influx of “refugees” from the Middle East and elsewhere.

“We have 6-8 weeks,” Rutte told a panel on Europe at the World Economic Forum in Davos, adding that he believed the Schengen borderless travel zone in Europe could be saved but that first the bloc must agree on a mechanism to replace the failed Dublin system, which says that migrants must seek asylum in the first E.U. country they enter, Reuters reported.

Soros gives dire warning

Billionaire investor George Soros also weighed in with a dire warning, saying the European Union was “on the verge of collapse” due to the migrant crisis.

George Soros at World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
George Soros at World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Soros, in an interview with Gregor Peter Schmitz of the German magazine WirtschaftsWoche, sang the praises of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“She was perhaps even more farsighted when she recognized that the migration crisis had the potential to destroy the European Union, first by causing a breakdown of the Schengen system of open borders and, eventually, by undermining the common market,” Soros said. “She took a bold initiative to change the attitude of the public. Unfortunately, the plan was not properly prepared. The crisis is far from resolved and her leadership position – not only in Europe but also in Germany and even in her own party – is under attack.”

Schmitz said Merkel, once a deliberate and cautious politician, has acted impulsively and risked her political future on the migrants. “Her leadership style has changed, and that makes people nervous.”

Soros again defended her.

“That’s true, but I welcome the change. There is plenty to be nervous about. As she correctly predicted, the E.U. is on the verge of collapse. The Greek crisis taught the European authorities the art of muddling through one crisis after another. This practice is popularly known as kicking the can down the road, although it would be more accurate to describe it as kicking a ball uphill so that it keeps rolling back down. The E.U. now is confronted with not one but five or six crises at the same time.”

Soros was referring to Greece, Russia, Ukraine, the coming British referendum on whether to abandon the E.U., and the migration crisis.

Yet, in co-authoring an introduction to the just-released “Future of Europe” report, Soros said Europe needs more migrant labor, not less, to compete with for economic growth with the United States. The report recommends an additional 1.8 million migrants be allowed into Europe annually over the next 10 years.

Soros, in the interview with the German magazine, referred to the Nov. 13 jihadist attacks on Paris that killed 130 people as having an “unfortunate effect” on European public opinion.

Belgium mother’s horror story

In another tragic report out of Europe this week, a Belgium woman wrote a letter to anti-Shariah activist Pamela Geller to describe what has happened to her 14-year-old daughter. She was coerced into child prostitution by a gang of Muslim immigrants.

The mother writes:

“My 14-year old daughter has become the victim of human trafficking by Muslim migrants in Antwerp, Belgium. In Dutch we called them, a misplaced name by the way, ‘loverboys.’ They force young girls into child prostitution. Almost all of the traffickers are Muslims, but that’s a public secret here in Belgium; the media is not allowed even to mention the nationality of the offenders.

“Instead of finding the offenders, authorities placed my daughter in a youth prison to keep her safe. This has gone on for more than 7 months. Next week, she will finally be released and can start on a program at a private clinic for all the psychiatric help she needs and didn’t get in prison.”

The woman said she was desperately trying to raise enough money to leave Belgium “and all the other Islam-loving-multiculturalism countries and move to a safe place for both my daughters.”

“Europe is collapsing before our very eyes, but European Union officials and the international media are too busy wringing their hands over ‘islamophobia’ to notice,” Geller wrote. “[A]s unbelievable as it may seem at first glance, this is what the New Europe is like. This mother’s story will be the story of millions of mothers in Europe, in a very short time from now.”