August 1, 2021

OF COURSE: Look what Iran is doing with the money we’re sending it…

obama-iran-leaderISIS and al-Qaida may be the terrorist organizations we always hear about, but they’re not the only game in town. As you know, there are many branches and tributaries of these main organizations, plus myriad smaller, regional terror groups waging jihad in various parts of the world.

One new such group is on the rise, brought to you by everyone’s favorite #1 state sponsor of terrorism. Yes, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry’s new BFF, Iran, is backing an emerging terror group based out of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. It’s charter includes violent jihad and attacks on “the racist Zionist body” and “America the great Satan.”

Because what else would you expect from our new diplomatic partner, Iran?

Via Washington Free Beacon:

 A new Iranian-backed terror group is making inroads in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, where it operates underground with the potential capacity to deliver devastating attacks to Israel, according to regional experts who have been investigating the organization’s rise.

The group, which goes by the name Harakat al-Sabireen, was established around May 2014 but has begun in recent months to boost its public profile on social media and brag about its plots to wage jihad against Israel, according to information gathered by regional analysts and provided to the Washington Free Beacon.

 Al-Sabireen is believed to receive $10 million a year from Iran via funds that are smuggled through a large network of tunnels built by terrorists to facilitate illicit travel beneath the Gaza Strip, according to estimates disseminated in the Arab language press.

Like Hezbollah, the Iranian-funded terror group that controls territory along Israel’s northern border, al-Sabireen is being used by the Islamic Republic to indirectly wage war on the Jewish state and foster unrest in the Palestinian territories, according to experts, who view the group’s rise as a sign that Iran is not interested in scaling down its global terror network following the recent implementation of the nuclear agreement.

And why would we expect Iran to want to scale down any of its agenda in the wake of the nuclear agreement? It has been open about its plans and even our own so-called leaders have acknowledged Iran will likely use some of its new-found, unfrozen $150B to further fund its terrorist activities. (Not to mention, the $1.7B — $400 million debt and $1.3 billion in interest dating to the Islamic revolution — we just paid in the prisoner swap, where they got seven back and we got four.)

In fact, the $10 million going to the group Harakat al-Sabireen was BEFORE Iran had access to more than $150B made available in recent days; $150B sure opens up a lot of possibilities, doesn’t it?

A State Department official who was not authorized to speak on record said that officials are aware of al-Sabireen and its activities. However, the group has not been officially designated as a foreign terrorist organization, though it is possible this could occur in the future.

Like Hezbollah, al-Sabireen’s official logo closely resembles that of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, which is responsible for giving orders to these types of terror groups.

The group’s charter condones violent jihad and promotes attacks on “the racist Zionist body” and “America the great Satan,” according to a copy published by the group on its official Arabic-language website.

It only stands to reason that Iran’s funding of terrorism can only increase now that we’ve given them access to $150B in previously-frozen funds. But of course, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry will keep on touting this so-called nuclear “deal” (well, it was the “deal” of the century for one party — Iran) as a victory.

Thank goodness ISIS is “contained” and al-Qaida has been “neutralized,” at least.

Source: Allen B. West