September 19, 2021


The historic end to official U.S. hostility toward the island in December 2014, when President Barrack Obama ordered restoration of diplomatic relations with Havana.

Alfonso Chardy in “Scientist who fled Cuba are still making their mark in exile”. The Miami Herald.

US hostility.Mr. Chardy in the above mentioned article, which I quote, shows complete ignorance regarding U.S. / Cuba relationships.   Our governments, including leaders of both political parties, have never been hostile to Cuba, and have only responded to the murders, thefts and oppression demonstrated by the Castro’s toward the island’s population.   In fact Castro assumed illegitimate power in that nation because of this country’s abandoning Batista and funneling arms and finances to a mostly unknown thug, that was made popular by the exaggerated support of NY Times Herbert Mathews, ignoring his sympathy towards communism and history of violence.   Only the blatant disregard of human rights, indiscriminate killings of opponents, and theft of U.S. and Cuban citizen’s properties, made this country react by placing a temporary partial embargo until the U.S. owned assets would be returned or compensated.

If hostility was demonstrated it was against the Cuban freedom fighters, when the 2506 Brigade was abandoned to die or suffer prison, when arming and supporting anti-Castro Cubans in the island was forbidden, and in some cases resulted in imprisonment for these actions.   Was Mr. Chardy aware of prior bipartisan efforts of negotiations made by two totally ideological Presidents, like Reagan and Carter which failed because of the refusal of the tyrants to cede in the human rights issues?   Is Mr. Chardy ignorant of the fact that Castro’s alliance with the then Soviet Union almost led to a world war, because of the placement of missiles in Cuba?   Is Mr. Chardy cognizant of the fact that because of this country’s leniency with Cuban immigrants, not exiles, and their privileged status, the regime receives in remittances an amount of dollars that has made the Castro’s survive even after the collapse of the Soviet Union?   Is Mr. Chardy purposely not taking into account the armed interventions of Castro’s military forces from Africa to the America’s and the terrorists and revolutionary upheavals fomented by them?   I will submit to the writer that the only historical and factual hostility has been from Cuba to the U.S. and what he calls a “restoration of diplomatic relations” by Obama has been nothing more than a blatant attempt to help the regime’s survival by direct economic help, an increase of business opportunities, with nothing tangible in return except a fulfilling of political and financial goals.

Fernando J Milanes MD