September 19, 2021



Some people may fool you for the moment, but be patient and see what happens…

Some people may fool you for the moment, but be patient and see what happens. A persons true color will always show in time.

I have always wondered why an inexperienced, barely known politician like Obama was elected in the first place, and then after proving his inadequacies was reelected and still has supporters that, because of passion, are blinded to reality. It was easy to think that it was a “malaise” suffered by fanatics in the Democratic Party.

Now, faced with the Trump candidacy, and the support it has gathered, we have to ascertain that the “affliction” is not exclusive of a political faction, but it is affecting our population at large. Mr. Trump is a billionaire developer that was raised in luxury, attended the best schools, and with his father’s fortune, and more important, political connections, multiplied his inherited millions into billions. In the process of enrichment he has faced many corporate bankruptcies, rising again like the “phoenix”, but leaving in his wake bank debts, and losses of countless jobs. His main “modus vivendi”, was utilizing his connections to apply the eminent domain law lo evict, and or buy, properties and to convert these into luxury condominiums, casinos, and hotels. He became an expert in human relations and became an excellent promoter, communicator and an authority in the art of dealing. These skills gravitated him to television, where he became a well known “reality star”.   Now, as a candidate for the nation’s highest office, his true colors are coming to the fore. As a person accustomed to getting his way, and be catered to, he has shown a very low threshold when being criticized. Up till now, these outbursts, totally inappropriate for someone aspiring to lead a country, have only brought support and admiration from many that are unable to get past the surface, the same attraction that made sociopaths, and dysfunctional families through “reality shows” rich and famous.

His latest flare-up came when, because of not liking a tough question by attorney/journalist, Fox’s Megyn Kelly, and being hurt by a sarcastic tweet by the news organization, behaved like a petulant child, threw a tantrum, and refused to attend the latest debate in Iowa, not caring about the feelings of this State’s citizens. Trump, who now disguises himself as a conservative, has been able to fool many, including well known activists, that because of lack of time, interest, or acumen, are ignoring his true political views. How can a person that has praised Planned Parenthood, stated his support and admiration for Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State “the best in our history he proclaimed”, likes “Obamacare” though prefers single payer health delivery system, has supported abortion on late term pregnancies, can be accepted now as a true believer of conservatism, is beyond me. He admits donating to both political parties in order to gain favors for his enterprises, and that his views are influenced greatly by his life in a cosmopolitan and extreme liberal, city like New York. Let us be clear though, he has the right to advocate liberal beliefs.   After all most citizens share similar goals only disagreeing in how to accomplish them. This ideological difference is the basis of our two party system, and campaigns, debates are the conduit for “we the people” to vote our preferences. My main point is that these decisions will affect the future of the country, should be taken seriously, and requires being well informed and knowledgeable of the facts. Showmanship and/or popularity should be non-factors. Without Trump, yesterday’s debate was less entertaining but more insightful and useful. It is time to end the show, and for the voters to exercise their duty and free will to support the best, liberal or conservative candidate, not the most flamboyant.

Fernando J. Milanes, MD