October 26, 2021

Very unhappy looking women behind Bill Clinton during speech

Bill Clinton made his debut as a solo campaigner for wife and enabler Hillary Rodham Clinton at a Nashua, NH rally Monday. The camaign staff dutifully assembled a collection of people on risers behind him, intended to demonstrate his (and by extension her) appeal. The result was not as intended. As the UK Daily Mail observed:

And a young woman standing in the back against a Hillary ‘Fighting for us’ backdrop closed her eyes for significant stretches of time as TV cameras rolled and a girl in front of her scowled and fought off a yawn.
The New Hampshirites standing on stage with Bill were all smiles as he was introduced, but quickly seemed bored once he began talking.

It was odd to see a number of very unhappy women behind Bill Clinton during a recent speech. What could be on their minds?

Source: American Thinker