September 18, 2021


VIDEO: Trump Supporter BLASTS Anti-Trump “National Review 22” In Viral VideoA Southern California businesswoman went to the Internet to voice her opinion regarding how certain “conservative” thinkers are jumping on an anti-Trump campaign and insulting millions of Trump supporters by doing so.

Kambree Nelson was fired up about an episode of “The Kelly File” in which Dana Loesch, Brent Bozell and Katie Pavlich took turns defining conservatives and conservatism — so fired up that she had to make her own video.

Loesch, Bozell and Pavlich were part of a group of 22 conservatives who contributed to an issue of conservative magazine “National Review” in what many are calling a Trump hit piece.

“Where’s the handbook that tells me what it is to be conservative?” Nelson asked.

Nelson, who said she served people for living, claimed it was offensive to listen to a group of well-known conservatives define conservative based upon their values.

She accused them of trying to rig the election based on what they wanted, not what the people want.

Nelson also said she was about the become the face and the voice for Veterans Television and warned Kelly and those like her that they had a “pit bull standing right behind you.”

Nelson said she was voting for Trump because she believes we need to fix our borders, adding that people in America want to feel safe and protected.

The businesswoman said that what’s happening in the world at our borders makes her livid, and she sees the Republican establishment doing nothing about it.

She also said that if the Republican establishment could simply rally around conservatives like her, mountains could be moved — but instead they get on television and make people like her angry by claiming they’re not “conservative” enough.

She concluded her rant by saying: “Im not going to shut up. I’m going to speak up and I’m voting for Donald Trump.”

Whether you agree with Nelson or not, you’ve got to appreciate her passion.

SOURCE:  Conservative Tribune  –  H/T The Gateway Pundit