August 5, 2021

“We Will Raise Taxes, Yes We Will” Bernie Sanders

We’ve gone all the way from “Yes, we can” to “We will raise taxes, yes we will.”

But that’s the medium stage of socialism. It begins with inspiration, continues on to highway robbery and ends somewhere in a gulag. Forward!

“We will raise taxes, yes we will,” Sanders said at CNN’s Democratic town hall in Iowa Monday night. “But also let us be clear, Chris: There’s a little bit of disingenunity out there. We may raise taxes but we are also going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for businesses.”

What are you guys complaining about?

Yes we’ll raise taxes. But we’ll also destroy your health care. It’s a real bargain. Not only will you end up paying even more, but you’ll also get less. What’s not to like?

The democratic socialist candidate went on to explain that it is essential for the United States to adopt single-payer as “we are the only country on Earth that allows private insurance to rip us off.”

It’ll be so much better when we let government rip us off.