September 28, 2021


ten little indiansTen little republicans standin’ in a line,

One toddled home and then there were nine;

Nine little republicans swingin’ on a gate,

One tumbled off and then there were eight.

Eight little republicans gayest under heav’n.

One went to sleep and then there were seven;

Seven little republicans cuttin’ up their tricks,

Then New Hampshire happened and there were six;

One little Trump stayin’ all alone,

He got to the election and then there were none.


With the overwhelming victory of Donald Trump in the New Hampshire primaries, it becomes more than likely that he turns out to be the republican candidate for the presidency.    If he does, and it is still too early to be certain, as of today he is the only of the remaining ones that would lose to Hillary Clinton according to the average of all polls.    So as the ten little Indian poem said, the final result for the Republican Party will be another defeat on their aspirations of recovering the highest office of the land.    It has been a most unusual campaign.    Both political parties are living their worst nightmare.    The Democrat Party was primed to appoint the heir apparent Ms. Clinton.    Senator Sander’s ambition was seen only as token opposition.    After all, an old independent Senator from a small Northeastern State, and confessed socialist to boot, could only be a welcomed addition to serve as a counter to the impression of a predetermined result.    On the Republican side, Donald Trump joined a slew of hopefuls that saw an excellent opportunity to be President.    The political establishment also misjudged his announcement considering the candidacy as a short, but entertaining run by a “showman” and self aggrandizing real estate millionaire developer and TV star.    What happened?     The electorate, fed up with the “status quo”, the constant infighting in the government, and with the politicians of both parties that seemed to be more interested in their well being and interests than the nations, changed into voters that were led by the emotion of “being against”, rather than the judgment of “being for”.    Both Sanders and Trump are preaching to the choir.

Sanders promises free education, free health care, affordable housing, increase Social Security for retirees, all paid with the money taken from wall Street and the ”uber” rich via taxes.   It is the same extreme liberal mantra so attractive to the young and inexperienced, and for the growing dependent class of citizens.    Trump touches on all the precise themes that resonate with most republicans.    Immigration, not to worry, he will build a wall paid by Mexico, expel all eleven million illegal’s presently living in the country, stop all Muslims from entering the country in order to stop terrorism, how? Trust him!  Obamacare?  Eliminate and replace.    What he does not explain is that his alternative plan is the single payer system espoused by Senator Sanders.    Unemployed?  He is the best job maker that God created.    China? He will even out our trade imbalance by applying tariffs?    Does that policy provoke a trade war? No, I because I am a free trader.    Will China retaliate? No Chinese love me.    Russia? Putin adores me, and will defeat ISIS for us.    On and on it goes, very expansive on promises but real short on how all these undertakings could be made reality.    Forget that he is running for President, and most of his pledges would need legislation.    His many followers will reason that their attraction to him is because he will take care of their concerns, because he is a “self made billionaire “( not true), they like his politically incorrect speeches, and that he could beat Hillary, also unlikely.    In summary because of our desire to change a political leadership that is obviously not helping the country, there is a strong likelihood that our “knee jerk” solution will make matters worse.    In Cuba our anti-Batista rage brought us Castro, and recently the general dissatisfaction against Bush brought us Obama.    Will history repeat itself?


Fernando J Milanes MD