May 24, 2020


clintons_iowaThis woman has spent her life consumed by the lust for power. In the twilight of her existence she is not content with being billionaire, living in a mansion worthy of Arab potentates and have had the distinction of being first lady, senator and secretary of state of the most powerful nation on earth. When other women her age, economic output and social notoriety, enjoy their grandchildren and share tenderness and memories with their husbands, this woman risks everything to be president. It appears that, from the beginning, Bill and Hillary were both husband and wife as well as political partners. In the course of a criminal association in the collection and preservation of power. Hillary has tolerated the public humiliation of being betrayed by Bill Clinton, persecuted victims of sexual abuse by her husband and thrown overboard all associate and friend that could derail her ambitions. Now, she endangers peace, prestige and even a health undermined by obesity in a relentless political campaign that will bare her wickedness, her lies and ineptitude.

Lets take it step by step. It never is the most obvious evil of a mother who blatantly lies to another mother who had a child killed. In the ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base where they were greeting  the remains of victims of Benghazi , Hillary told Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith, that the attack on the consulate had been motivated by a video against the Prophet Muhammad. Quite the opposite of the truth that Hillary had recognized at 11 pm on the same day of the attack in an email to his daughter Chelsea where she said : “Two of our diplomats were killed in Benghazi by a group associated with al- Qaida ” .

Half an hour later, she warned the Libyan President Mohamed Magariaf: “A gun battle that, in my opinion, has been claimed by Ansar [the] Sharia Libyan franchise al- Qaida is taking place,” With the help of a biased press,  Hillary has so far created a smokescreen to evade responsibility for the events, but in recent days she has left the ghost of the film “13 Hours,” a blockbuster showing in all its drama and clarity the abandonment of four American patriots by politicians who did not want to jeopardize the reelection of the Messiah Obama, withdrew her millions and suffered no political or legal consequences but it is highly likely that Hillary pays with the defeat at the polls for complicity in this shameful and cowardly act.

But the evil of Hillary is not news to those who have followed the steps in her 20 years of political life, either as first lady, senator or secretary of state. It all started when she  dedicated herself to persecute, harass and discredit women who had the courage to accuse her husband of sexual predator. I’m not talking about the precocious Monika Lewinsky or the stunning Jennifer Flowers because they were not victims but, active partners in acts of a sexual degenerate lust. I mean real victims as Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey. Hillary made ​​their lives a hell.

Turning to the field of lies, this woman may well compete for an Oscar with fans of Hollywood. It counts with a face of reinforced concrete, superlative cynicism and sarcasm that a major allows you to divert evading questions and answers. Here I go to journalist William Safire, adviser of presidents and brilliant columnist for the newspaper The Washington Post, who in an essay published on January 8, 1996, when first lady Hillary wrote: “Hillary Clinton is a congenital liar.” He added: “She has the inveterate habit of lying and has never been forced to acknowledge their lies and the lies she has to tell her subordinates”.

But the scandal of the emails could be the drop that fill the bucket of tolerance toward the lies of the Clinton. Although Hillary has refused on numerous occasions sending classified material, currently more than 1,200 emails we know, without which the FBI is recovering from the hard drive of her computers. And things are further complicated for Hillary with the recent revelation of her shipment of classified material as Special Access Programs (SAP) which, if detected by the enemy, could cost the lives of American agents and infiltrated terrorist groups who conspire against the United States.

Moreover, the FBI Director James Comey, a man respected by members of both parties, has spent more than 100 officers to investigate this matter. Experts such as former Attorney General, Joe DiGenova claim that Comey could recommend prosecution for the violation of more than a dozen national security laws. If the current Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, not proceed to prosecution, DiGenova predicts a mass resignation similar to the FBI that occurred as a result of the Watergate scandal in October 1973. While Obama will protect justice, this would be enough to turn the dream of Hillary to reached the White into a political nightmare.

But the trajectory of this lady in American political life would not be complete without taking into account her poor record in the positions she has held. In her eight years as a senator, Hillary safe sponsored three bills. The first designating a historic site by the name of Kate Mullany, baptizing the second installation of the postal service with the name of Mayor George Quamo and the third naming a portion of US Highway 20-A in the state of New York as “Timothy J. Russert Highway “. But where I put the lid to the knob was during her tenure in the State Department. She announced a “reset” policy toward Russia that failed miserably and served to embolden the heir of Ivan the Terrible. She said Bashar al-Assad was not a murderer but a “reformer”. And the worst was that presided over an Arab Spring that convulsed Egypt and Libya becoming  a powder keg. In this magazine, four of the men she had under her command and begged protection she never gave them,  were killed.

All this explains why Hillary feels threatened by a socialist old man who wants to turn the United States into another Cuba or Venezuela in the Americas. A man so “left” that makes it appear as a capitalist Barack Obama and preferred to spend his honeymoon of his second marriage in the inhospitable climate of the Soviet Union rather than in a warm Caribbean island . Hence, Hillary has not found another alternative for a victory than  embracing the disastrous policies of the Messiah “Obama”.

Hillary’s dreams motivate coalition of blacks, Mexicans, women and university students who twice put Obama in the White House. But Obama was an unknown with immense charisma. Hillary is an open book of  proven failures, lies and evils that lacks the minimum attractiveness to be in the White House. In fact, it projected arrogance and petulance that prevents her from making contact with the common people who constitute the majority of the electorate.

Moreover, she cannot claim to be stronger in foreign policy when supporting the suicide-agreement with Iran . You cannot have the excitement of some black voters who went to vote earlier by one of their own and now could stay home. You cannot expect massive support from some Mexicans who were deceived by the promises of Obama on a true immigration reform bill, not an executive order be canceled when it reaches the White House by any Republican president. You cannot proclaimed champion of women when her husband is challenged in public for their conduct massive predator. And you can forget about the massive support of a youth who are serving as waiters because they do not hold doctoral degrees to find work.

I know that everything I have said in this article will not change a millimeter the opinion of those clinging to Hillary’s lifeline of the destructive legacy of Barack Obama.

I am also aware that it is not necessary to highlight these facts to those determined to end the nightmare of the last eight years. I write, therefore, for the 40 percent of Americans who describe themselves as independent and could make obsessive with Hillary’s dream into the nightmare which will close its deplorable political career.