July 27, 2021


supreme_court_2016_gettyThese are the times that try men’s souls.  The passing of Justice Scalia is more significant than we realize.  There are many important cases recently heard by the Supreme Court–on abortion, immigration, etc.–that were likely 5-4 decisions.  Now they will become 4-4 decisions and, consequently, allow the lower court decisions to stand. In speaking with a few people since the news of Scalia’s death yesterday afternoon, there are a few items of concern.  First of all, how are we certain that death was due to “natural causes” without the benefit of an autopsy?  Second, why did Obama find it necessary to make a national address so quickly about making a new appointment?  And why did Obama need to speak just 15 minutes prior to the Republican debate?  What was the rush?  May God help us!

Scalia’s passing is one of the most disturbing events during modern times for the United States of America that has ever occurred.

Sheep are dancing in the streets because of their rose-colored glasses and their inability to recognize the Wolf. Added into the equation is the fact that we, the Sheepdog, have long protected them because the Sheepdog, unlike the Sheep, CAN see the Wolf and realize our responsibility to protect the meek, even though the meek are self-destructive and blatant in their lack of gratitude to the Sheepdog and even aggressive in their insult.

Today outweighs Pearl Harbor in that it will not ignite and/or unite a Country in its’ sense of values. A door has opened for the demon to exploit.

We, unexpectedly now face the possibility of a 5-4 Liberal court PRIOR to the election. The prospect of Obama naming a Supreme Court Justice during his last year is a slap to every TRUE American.

With a Democratic win in the next election, there is the possibility of a 7-2 Liberal Supreme Court within the next 4-8 years. Yes, I know John Roberts is youthful, but I have not trusted him enough to give him a full vote as a Conservative. Check the ages of the others.

IF amid the destruction of a 7-2 Liberal Supreme Court, the House/Senate were to weaken, the United States will Implode to the extent that we will lose our status as the last Superpower.

We will not be alone in our suffering as our self-destruction will affect others world-wide.

We could possibly looking at the ‘End of Days’ perhaps not for our lifetime (because mine is limited) but for our children and most certainly our grandchildren.

Compared to the assassination of JFK and the subsequent Presidency of LBJ, the untimely death of Justice Scalia could be of such a historical tragedy of Democracy to the extent that JFK and LBJ is of minor consequence.

And that is a hell of a note.

As always, I will pray that I am wrong.  What bothers me the most is that I am not a Doomsayer. I am an Optimist, but a Realist. So—I believe my radar is well reasoned.
The plan to save our Country as we best we can would be to take a historical last stand is the blocking of any Supreme Court nominee, and elect a Republican president. Riding that battle victory, shore up our House/Senate strength and slap this country back to it’s fundamental roots.

Half-measures not only avail us nothing, it will doom us. We don’t get to choose how we die, but we do get to choose how we live.

Our goal should be to live in a place and a society where when we say ‘We’re a United States Citizen’ it is fair warning to even our own government, that WE are a force to be reckoned with.

Other than that…..you’re just going to be a damned serf.