July 27, 2021

If you hear a Bernie Sanders supporters complain about income inequality, show them this ASAP…

3046530-poster-p-1-bernie-sanders-took-questions-on-reddit-yesterday-here-are-some-highlightsWe’re all aware of the politics of envy on which Bernie Sanders is campaigning. You could probably make a drinking game based around when he uses the phrases “millionaires and billionaires,” “top one percent,” “Koch brothers,” or “greed.”

The issue of income inequality is central to the politics of envy. Bernie commits a popular error in economics by assuming that people only get rich at the expense of everyone else. Wealth of course isn’t some fixed pie that’s distributed among the population – it’s created and earned.

So what would a country with no income inequality look like? Would it be the socialist paradise Bernie imagines?


The former Soviet Union would’ve also been a paradise in the world of Bernie Sanders. You can’t control income without controlling people, but something tells me Bernie already knows that.