July 28, 2021

Rev. Graham’s BRUTAL response to Obama’s mosque speech is going viral

Rev-Graham-vs-Barack-Obama-2-1024x536As Election Day approaches, the left has been playing the Islamophobia card every chance they get.

Never mind the fact that there are ten times more hate crimes committed against Jews in America – the Jews already vote Democrat so the party sees no need to pander to them.

Starting off the year, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Keith Ellison encouraged their colleagues to invite Muslims as guests to the State of the Union. Obama took a swipe at Trump during that speech for his controversial comments on Muslims.

Obamas latest stunt was his speech at a mosque on Wednesday, telling the crowd that “Islam has always been part of America” – a claim that some people actually believe.

One reverend is calling out Obama’s pandering to Islam, and his critique is going viral.

Via Conservative Tribune

Wednesday afternoon, Rev. Franklin Graham responded to President Barack Obama’s radical mosque visit by penning a scathing rebuttal to the president’s assertion that Americans need to be more accepting of Islam.

“The foundations of this nation have nothing to do with Islam, but everything to do with the Church of Jesus Christ,” Graham wrote on Facebook. “Islam cannot save anyone from hell or open the gates of heaven.”

He added, “Only One can do that — Jesus Christ, the Son of God who paid the debt of sin for all mankind by giving His life as a sacrifice on Calvary’s cross where He suffered and died for our sins, took our sins to the grave, and on the third day God raised Him triumphantly to life.”


“I worship a risen Lord!” Graham concluded. “Islam can’t compete with that.”

Graham wrote this toughly worded rebuke in response to Obama visiting a mosque in Baltimore with reported ties to terrorism. Additionally, one of the imams at the mosque is a leading figure in the terrorist organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood.

“It’s disgraceful that this is the mosque he’s picked to be the first to visit,” Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim himself, reportedly said this past Sunday. “This mosque is very concerning … Historically, they are basically a radical, extreme mosque and not representative of the modern Muslims in America.”

During his trip to the radical mosque, Obama blathered on and on about how Americans need to stop marginalizing “law-abiding, patriotic Muslim Americans” and effectively embrace Islamic religion’s presence in our culture.

What a bizarre world the left lives in. Obama will console Muslims who he feels have been scapegoated and stereotyped due to the actions of terrorists, but he’ll never console the Christians the terrorists are killing.