September 25, 2021


UPDATE-BRAZIL-POSTERUpdate Brazil, Episode 22:  Hosted by Jeff Nyquist and Italo Lorenzon.  The guest is Nevin Gussack, who discusses connections of the presidential candidates with Russia and China.  He provides up to date information of great importance on the decisions to select a candidate.

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Nevin Gussack is a professional librarian, political commentator, and writer. His works appeared on the webpages of the Center for Intelligence Studies, Accuracy in Media, Economy in Crisis, and He also appeared on America’s Survival Roku television program, WEI’s Make the Call radio program, and the veteran broadcaster Chuck Harder’s radio program For the People. Nevin received a double major from the State University of New York at Albany in History and Political Science. Since that time, he also received two Master’s Degrees in Social Studies Education from Florida Atlantic University and Library and Information Science from the University of South Florida. A native of New York, Nevin lives with his wife, daughter, and eight cheerful, chirping birds in Florida.

UPDATE BRAZIL is a weekly program of invited personalities that bring you discussions about critical issues of current interest.