September 21, 2021

The E-mail Scandal That Will Doom Hillary

clintons_iowaIowa was a watershed moment for Hillary Clinton. She lost to Barack Obama the last time, and needed a good showing this time to be able to move forward during the Democrat primary. Winning by less than one percent and on the basis of six coin flips, she declared a resounding victory and, along with the sycophantic supporters behind her continue to move forward.

Declaring Hillary the most qualified presidential candidate since George Washington, entities such as James Carville, Cory Booker, Jonathon Bernstien of Bloomberg have said that Hilary has “the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern History.”

This has led to what can only be called an arrogant attitude, deficient in ethics and willing to betray any premise espoused in the past in the line of “the end justifies the means”. Her experience as first lady, a mediocre senator with no real accomplishments, and ineffective Secretary of State that has turned the Middle East into a firestorm of proportions unseen before is not what could be considered a plus for a President.

Hillary has abused the classified system that everyone else, in both the government and the military are required to use. I spent twenty years in the military and had access to confidential information that it was required for me to know. At no time was this information left around, or put on a non secure server, and if on paper, never left the safe room it was in. If it had, the response from my superiors would have been a dishonorable discharge and perhaps jail time.

Hillarys feeling of superiority and political entitlement coupled with the lack of responsibility on her behalf may possibly allow her to walk. There are those, including Hillary that keep claiming it is no big deal, that there isn’t anything to worry about.

Each day more and more has been exposed on the illegal server that Clinton used for secret emails that had no security, and was, according to the intelligence agencies, likely hacked. In August and December 2012 A hacker scanned Clinton’s basement server and the results were made widely available online. Her story has changed with what has been learned, At first, Hillary claimed that there was no classified information on the server.

Then when classified information was found, it was changed to there were no classified information that was “marked” classified on her server. Not hard to believe, being that her staff, was told to strip the marking, and send them to the private server somewhere in her home. The non disclosure agreement signed by Mrs. Clinton states “as used in this agreement, classification information is marked or unmarked classification information”. As her sycophants have said, she is the most qualified, most experienced candidate for the Presidents of the country. Then explain to me how the most qualified, most experienced candidate can’t even recognize classified information. Hillary, contrary to what her supporters and democrat talking heads may say is guilty of multiple felonies in the hiding of her e mails on a non-governmental computer leaving all her correspondence open to any foreign entity wishing to hack into the system.

Those supporting this lady are either ignorant about national security or ignoring the willful breaking of the law by Hillary to put Hillarys chance of being President ahead of the security of this country and the people in it. There are those who will defend Hillary until the end, she is part of the liberal power structure, an elite class that feel that laws are for the little people and those in power should not be held accountable. This is a country ruled by law and not by the power and cronyism of those in power.

This situation was not the only time that Hillary had abused the classification system that helps keep our country safe. In 2007, Hillary bragged to George Stephanopoulos, a long time Clinton friend and ABC newsperson that as first lady and with no security clearance she often looked at classified information and was allowed to handle classified information.

Intelligence sources have now stated that 22 e mails that were on the server are too damaging to national security to be released. Hillary says they are nothing, and that she did not know they were top secret. The Obama administration has admitted that these e mails are of such a nature that they would cause irreparable harm to the security of the country. There were even seven more reported after the initial 22, so how many more may there be, and how many were part of the 35,000 that Clinton wiped from the server before turning it over because of a court order? These may the ones that got through without be wiped ( by a cloth, or so goes Hillarys flat joke.)

So now, Hillary will move forward to throw her aides under the bus. Claiming she never sent or received classified e mail and all this confusion about classified markings did not start with Hillary. Hillary is blaming it on an interagency dispute and claims there are people out to get her. Those people who are “after her” simply want the rule of law followed, with many of these same people working for the State Department and the FBI. Republicans are being blamed for following up on these felonies. Hillary says that it is “very much like Benghazi”, being used by the Republicans to beat her up. Once again the vast right wing conspiracy rears its ugly head,

Released with these 22 e mails were also e mails from the server and Hillary Clinton that were sent to Obama. Of course, Obama claims to have only heard of the e mail scandal involving Hillary through the media and was totally surprised. How is that possible if these e mails were sent back and forth?

The former State Department Inspector General Howard J. Krongard has made clear that the e mail scandal was not Hillary alone. That the State Department never set up an e mail server for Hillary and questioned why there was not an Inspector General for the State Department during Hillary Clintons term. The State Department initially claimed they were unaware of the private server, which has since been debunked, and which the State Department is starting to back away from the initial position they claimed.