September 26, 2021

The Hillary protection program

hillary-scandalFor the first time in my voting life I find myself in disbelief at the results of American elections. The cynic will scold me for taking so long. The good-hearted, compassionate American will recognize what a calamity it is for a patriotic, taxpaying volunteer for the military to have to admit that to himself.

We can pretty well mobilize consensus behind Hillary’s loss of Iowa. I believe she really lost Nevada, too. When I was a boy anybody who stole or participated in the theft of votes would have been universally denounced as a scoundrel. Today he’d be hailed as a hero and would brag about his cleverness.

This is not the most depressing fact of political life in America today. For that we have to go back a few Saturdays to the Clinton-Sanders debate in Milwaukee. That was the PBS debate featuring moderators Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill. At that time the fluffy little clouds forming around Hillary had coalesced into an ominous thunderhead. Hillary had lied, and lied big-time, and there was no longer any plausible defense. Her explanation, that her email account in question was used only for wedding plans and new yoga positions, had suffered the fate of a cobweb under a blowtorch. The question remaining was, “Would the FBI pass along a criminal referral to the Justice Department, and, if so, would Obama permit the law to take its course?” That, if you’ve never studied law or journalism, is a very big story.

So far this is nothing but opinion. Stand by now for fact.

I couldn’t believe what I heard, or, more accurately, what I failed to hear. Clinton and Sanders did all the same-old-same-old issues of Wall Street, health care, income inequality, foreign policy etc., but not one word was uttered about Hillary’s legal problems! The panelists didn’t mention it. The candidates didn’t mention it. The audience didn’t mention it. Nobody said pea-turkey about it. What hangs there as potentially the biggest political takedown since Watergate was a non-story.

Any journalist who’s done time in dictatorships knows all the names, words and issues that are taboo. The kind of things whose mere utterance causes otherwise perfectly innocent people to disappear in a manner that lets their neighbors know they dare not even ask what happened to them. That’s the way Hillary’s legal problems were treated on an American political program.

Part 2 of that double-whammy was that nobody else seemed to care much. I was so unbelieving that I called a journalist friend, thinking I might have dozed off just in time to miss mention of this gargantuan political news story. No. I was correct. They did that entire debate omitting the most important question of all.

Will the Clintons ever be held accountable? Help make sure they are by supporting the Hillary Clinton Investigative Justice Project, an effort targeting the racketeering enterprise known as the Clinton Family Foundation

Then I went to an attorney whose passion and patriotism for America are beyond challenge. “Can you imagine,” I asked him, “PBS doing that entire debate without mentioning that Hillary might get busted?” “Well, you see,” he explained, “the media does its best to cover up for Hillary.” No anger. No rancor. Not even mild disappointment. He was just “explaining” it to me.

Rather than invite him into my rage at being nationally and personally insulted by this “protection” of Hillary, I decided to stay calm. “Tell me,” I asked him, “if you and I were American tourists in Germany in November, 1938 – Kristallnacht – when a hundred Jews were murdered and thousands of synagogues and Jewish businesses burned down, and I asked you what-in-hell was going on, would you have simply explained that Hitler hated Jews, and that was that?” Yep. That was his attitude. There’s a line in Jewish liturgy that gets us ready for this, but my non-Jewish friend apparently understood it better than I did. The Talmud, our second-most holy text, asks, “What do you expect of an ox, except beef?”

I am an American, and I expect one heaping whole lot more from fellow Americans when such an important deck is so blatantly stacked in favor of totalitarianism. Why do I applaud inwardly when an American openly mentions the FBI, the CIA and the National Security Agency? Because it proves that dictators’ disease hasn’t progressed very far in America. In Germany people never referred to the Gestapo. In the Soviet Union they never mentioned the KGB, or in Hungary the AVO, or in East Germany the Stasi or in Romania the Securitate or in Albania the Sigurimi. Our unselfconscious mention of those American agencies proves “our flag is still there.” But a “debate” in which the biggest story is repressed is scary.

Good fortune landed me in Moscow in late 1988, at which time the corrosion of Communism was plain to see. Fear was the first to go. The main joke among the Russian people at that time was, Oleg calls his friend Ivan and says, “Ivan, did you see the lead editorial in Pravda this morning?”

“No,” replied Ivan, “What did it say?”

After a pause Oleg said, “I don’t want to talk about it over the phone!”‘

Admittedly, that’s arcane. If you’ve been there, you’ll get it. If you haven’t been in that kind of country and you don’t get it, I hope you never will. I just hope the spirit of Oleg surges across a newly truly free America.

Source: WND