October 1, 2022

The significance of Ted Cruz’s candidacy

pic_giant_020513_AThe electoral results from Iowa took many by surprise. As expected, comments and analyses erupted from all sides, some positive and some negative. Prior to the election, all polls favored Donald Trump, however, to much surprise Ted Cruz won with 28% of the votes. Trump was 2nd with 24% and Marco Rubio 3rd with 23%.

Ted Cruz fans celebrated the historical victory with good reason. Ted Cruz is the first Hispanic to win a presidential primary in the United States. 51,000 Republicans voted for Cruz, these supporters were part of the largest voter turnout for any candidate in Iowa history.

The Senator from Texas has a solid conservative record. Cruz has been the main voice of opposition in the Senate against liberal and left-wing agendas as well as the Republican establishment (Republicans who defend the liberal status quo). Because of this, his political stance has created a strong opposition to his presidential candidacy, not only from Democrats, but also from some Republicans.

For years, the Senator has called on politicians in Washington to “listen to the American people”. Cruz is a strong advocate of constitutional values, the right to bear arms and religious freedom. He has vehemently opposed the policies of Barack Obama. Ted Cruz has also criticized illegal immigration, the growing national deficit, and the weak “anti-terrorist measures” implemented by the President. Cruz is also known as one of the leading Senators opposing Common Core, abortion and Obamacare.

Furthermore, Cruz has promised that if elected President, on his first day in office, he will void all unconstitutional executive orders signed by Barack Obama. For millions of conservatives who support him, such a commitment basically represents the restoration of the rule of law in the country.

Ted Cruz has been a pioneer denouncing the current political class in Washington, DC. Cruz believes that many politicians, once elected, fail to do what they promised to do during their campaigns. Since his arrival to the US Senate, Cruz has strongly criticized Republicans and Democrats for the problems the country is facing. According to Ted Cruz, politicians who do not respect our constitutional principles represent “The Washington Cartel”.

For many, the senator from Texas is seen as the leading candidate of the conservative movement in the United States. During his time in Washington, Cruz quickly became the major opponent of the Republican establishment. Cruz’s conservative record has been recognized in many political organizations and religious groups across the nation. Before the Iowa election, the Senator had the support of thousands of Christian evangelicals. The Tea Party Patriots, one of the nation’s largest conservative organizations in the country also supported Ted Cruz by a majority vote.

Senator Cruz has already made history. Even if he’s not the Republican nominee, Cruz has become one of the most respected modern politicians. He is the hope of conservatives, Christian evangelicals, and Tea Partiers across the country. The reason is clear: Ted Cruz has shown a strong commitment to reverse Obama’s failing agenda. That is why his candidacy is significant.

If Ted Cruz becomes the new President of the United States, the country will pay close attention to his first day in office. And he will have to prove that he listens to the American people, holds true to his promises, and respects the Constitution.