August 4, 2021

[WATCH] Chaos Ensues When Marine Confronts Bill Clinton About Benghazi


Michael Ingmire, uncle of Sean Smith who was killed in Benghazi, already gave them hell by responding to Hillary’s disgraceful lying denials the way average Americans do.

“Hillary Clinton is a serial liar. Hillary Clinton has a hard time maintaining a consistent level of truth and that was proven today and it’s been proven before… I think Hillary Clinton should really think about resigning from ever running for any office at this point. She’s incompetent.”

I might add that the fugly witch should resign from the human race– snakes have more character than that lying hag. There really are no words strong enough to describe how repulsive she is.

But that creepy image of Cankles laughing hysterically about the night of the 9-11 mass murders will stick with the American people.

Source: PJ Media