August 2, 2021

Amid Obama Visit, Che Guevara’s Son Vows Communist “Tsunami”

Amid Obama Visit, Che Guevara's Son Vows Communist “Tsunami”Speaking ahead of the Obama family’s widely criticized visit to the communist dictatorship in Cuba, Camilo Guevara, the son of mass-murderer Ernesto “Che” Guevara, acknowledged that the socialist wave that has overtaken much of Latin America was on defense. But that is only temporary, said Guevara, the son of brutal Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s chief executioner. Guevara promised a “tsunami” of communist oppression in the future. If true, the people of Latin America should prepare themselves to either resist the tsunami of tyranny, or face a future similar to the miserable serfdom experienced by the poverty-stricken and liberty-deprived people of Cuba.

Just days before Obama was set to touch down in Havana on Air Force One, Guevara also expressed hope that the military autocracy in Havana could “influence” the United States during Obama’s visit and beyond. The prospect of the Castro regime influencing the current occupant of the White House is not as ridiculous as it might sound at first — especially considering Obama’s background launching his political career in the home of Castro-backed communist terrorist Bill Ayers. Guevara also praised Obama, saying he “appears intelligent and sensitive towards the major problems of humanity.”

“Maybe we can influence the U.S. in a positive way,” said Guevara, whose self-described “blood-thirsty” father, a white supremacist, murdered thousands of innocent civilians, including children, for being alleged counter-revolutionaries. Like Castro, the younger Guevara also rejected the idea that Obama’s ongoing groveling would have any impact on the socialist regime. In the meantime, the beatings, torture, and jailing of political opponents by the regime, which have accelerated in recent days ahead of Obama’s visit, will continue .

A smirking Obama face has even been used by Castro’s propagandists on posters, next to a picture of current Cuban despot Raul Castro, placed strategically across Havana. The message to Cuban dissidents was plain: Even America stands with the regime. Hundreds of dissidents have been rounded up just in the last few weeks. Nevertheless, four of Obama’s cabinet secretaries, 40 U.S. lawmakers, and dozens of crony capitalists hoping to exploit Cuban slave labor for profit also joined the Obamas on the trip to Cuba. Recently, top officials from Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia also visited Havana to learn about Castro’s alleged “education successes.” Seriously.

“It’s a historic and very important visit. It’s the first time a U.S. president will visit an independent Cuba,” Guevara told the far-left U.K. Guardian newspaper, without mentioning the U.S. government’s crucial role in helping Castro come to power, as described by then-U.S. Ambassador to Cuba Earl Smith in his book The Fourth Floor. “But the U.S. is an empire. Their nature is not to set the table and invite you for a feast. History shows us that every time they set a table, you have to accept you might be poisoned or stabbed in the back. But let’s see.”

As The New American has documented extensively for over a decade, much of Latin America has been already been conquered by a tight-knit alliance founded by Fidel Castro, former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva, the Sandinistas, Marxist narco-terror groups such as the FARC, and other like-minded forces. The self-declared goal of the alliance was to rebuild in Latin America what was ostensibly lost in Eastern Europe — namely, brutal communist tyranny. The U.S. government knows all this full well, as top officials have admitted publicly.

In recent months, though, the totalitarian network, known as the Foro de São Paulo (FSP), has been under major pressure all across the region. Indeed, key Castro allies — allies who were propping up the economically absurd island prison — are on the verge of collapse. If not for the lifeline extended by Obama, the brutal Castro dictatorship, which has been ruthlessly clinging to power for five decades thanks to foreign subsidies, may well have gone down with them.

Consider: In Venezuela, the economy is imploding and the nation is collapsing as socialist strongman Nicolas Maduro — a key financier of Castro’s tyranny in Cuba — flails about erratically spouting ridiculous conspiracy theories about the “Yankee Empire,” as he refers to the United States. Despite mercilessly demonizing and persecuting his political opponents, who recently seized total control of the nearly impotent legislature, Maduro’s days may be numbered as the starving public rises up. Of course, bullets, torture, and the imprisoning of opposition activists and leaders can only protect the regime for so long. As Venezuela has self-destructed, Castro’s crucial oil subsidies have dried up as well.

In Argentina, the Latin American socialist movement and its international allies recently suffered a crushing defeat, too. Following decades of almost uninterrupted rule by socialists and radical leftists, Argentina was also on the verge of collapse. In December, though, the more liberty-minded Mauricio Macri became president, and promptly began undoing much of the economic tyranny imposed by his predecessors. While the pro-life Macri is still early in his term, and has cozied up to globalist “development” banks, analysts are hopeful that he could bring Argentina back from the brink.

In Bolivia, socialist strongman Evo Morales also recently suffered a brutal beating in the polls. Just last month, Morales, taking a page from former Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chávez, tried to change the Constitution to keep himself and his socialist cronies in power indefinitely. He lost.

But perhaps nowhere is the Marxist FSP alliance facing bigger dangers than in Brazil, where Lula and his hand-picked successor, ex-communist terrorist Dilma Rousseff, are backed into a corner with nowhere to go. Last week, the largest protests in Brazilian history demanded the ouster of their radical “Workers’ Party” (PT). Lula, a founder of the FSP and the PT, is facing a potential lengthy prison sentence for his role in a massive corruption scandal that involved stealing public money from the regime-controlled oil company to keep the PT in power and get its agenda through Congress. And the dominoes are continuing to fall, with top PT officials — including Rousseff and even some of the phony “opposition” — also implicated in the corruption scandal.

For Guevara, though, this is all just a result of “cyclical factors,” he told the Guardian, claiming, perhaps without seeing the twisted irony, that “governments lost sympathy when they struggled to realize the hopes of the electorates.” He also blamed a “hostile media” — there is no such thing as hostile media in Cuba, of course, since free speech is banned and critics are jailed or worse — along with “oligarchs” and “transnational companies.”

More importantly, perhaps, the brutal executioner’s son vowed that it was all just a speed bump on the road to Cuba-style communist utopia for Latin America. “This is a temporary setback,” Guevara was quoted as saying. “[Left-wing movements] haven’t disappeared or died…. The tide has retreated a few steps, but that is what happens before a tsunami comes surging back.” The FSP takeover of Latin America has often been misrepresented by establishment analysts as a “Pink Tide.” But as this writer has observed on more than a few occasions, a “Red Tsunami” would be a more appropriate description.

Indeed, as Guevara was speaking to his comrades at the Guardian, communist and socialist strongmen across Latin America were uniting behind Rousseff and Lula. Venezuelan autocrat Maduro, for example, claimed the historic public uprising in Brazil was actually an “imperialist coup,” conveniently omitting that polls show between 70 percent and 80 percent of Brazilians want Rousseff impeached. He also vowed to stand with Rousseff and Lula against the alleged “coup.”

Bolivian strongman Morales, meanwhile, called on the socialist-controlled Union of South American Nations (UNASUR or UNASUL) to join forces in defense of Brazil’s Marxist-minded rulers. He called what is happening a “congressional, judicial coup,” and said that if there was a “coup,” the “workers” would organize themselves into guerrillas for armed confrontations. He also praised the fact that former communist terrorists were now running governments, including Castro in Cuba, Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega, and Brazil’s Rousseff. Making a fool of himself, he also blamed the “United States” for the uprising, even as Obama was getting ready to prostrate himself before PT-FSP-chieftain Castro after having showered FSP regimes and rulers with taxpayer cash throughout his term in office.

The FSP and its so-called “Pink Tide” is being backed and guided by Moscow, Beijing, and even Western globalists at institutions such as the Council on Foreign Relations. Consider that, until recently, the CFR’s “Nelson and David Rockefeller Senior Fellow for Latin America Studies and Director for Latin America Studies” was Castro apologist Julia Sweig, described by retired Lt. Col. Chris Simmons of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), whose job involved uncovering and foiling Communist Cuban plots, as an “agent of influence” for Havana. As the Castro-allied FSP regimes in Venezuela and Brazil implode, the international communist movement is under major pressure. Obama threw Castro a lifeline just in time. But Congress still has the power to stop it.

Photo of President Obama in front of image of monument depicting Che Guevara: AP Images

Alex Newman is co-author of Crimes of the Educators, a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, education, politics, and more. Alex is also a Bear Witness Central Director in the NE of Florida.

His article was previously posted in The New American.