September 25, 2021

Barack Obama Disgraces the Free World

Obama-and-CastroThis past week, two deplorable events occurred; first, the terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium, Second, Barack Obama’s visit to dictator Raúl Castro in Cuba. Obama was the first U.S. President to visit Cuba since 1928.

According to Belgian sources, terrorists attacked the subway and airport in Brussels, killing 35 and wounding more than 250. Authorities reported it was the worst attack at the Belgian capital since the Second World War. Among the victims were people from 40 different nationalities, including U.S. citizens. So far, 4 Americans have been confirmed death.

When news about the attack was made public, the media reported Barack Obama would address the world from Havana, Cuba. In all, the President’s speech lasted 51 seconds. In his address, Obama offered his condolences and support to the Belgium people and condemned the terrorist act. Later, he watched a baseball game with Raúl Castro.

Shortly after the attack, the Islamic State took responsibility for the terrorist act. Up until the time of writing this article and almost 7 days after the tragic event, Obama has yet to announce the nature of the violence: another terrorist attack committed by radical Islamic extremists.

While watching and celebrating the baseball game with Castro, Obama said: “Watching the baseball game with Castro sends a message to the terrorists”.


Criticism to the President’s reaction were swift. Senator Ted Cruz asked President Obama to return to the USA or make a trip to Brussels rather than Obama “using the time to go to a baseball game with Castro” in Cuba. Similarly, Donald Trump said that Obama looked and sounded “ridiculous” while he delivered a speech in Cuba “in the shadow” of what had happened in Brussels.

Moreover, when Sean Hannity of Fox News interviewed former Mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, over Barack Obama’s reaction, Giuliani said: it’s “embarrassing”.

Many analysts believe when an ally of the United States suffers an attack of this magnitude, the President should have taken up the baton in defense of the free world. Inexplicably, Obama took away a mere 51 seconds of his time with Castro to refer to the worst terrorist attack committed in Belgium.

The day before the terrorist attack in Brussels, Barack Obama was welcomed by dictator Raúl Castro at the Palace of the Revolution in Havana. According to the website Libertad Digital, after the ceremony, Obama skipped Protocol to ask his team to take a photo of him with the image of Che Guevara. Photos of President Obama alongside the figure of Communist assassin Che Guevara spread all over the world.


Che Guevara was a bloodthirsty killer who tortured and executed thousands of Cubans in the name of communism. It is surprising and unexplainable that some people admire someone like Guevara.

During Obama’s visit, Raúl Castro seized the opportunity to criticize the United States. To Obama’s face, Castro attacked human rights, income inequality, and health care in the U.S., saying: “It is inconceivable that a Government does not defend and secure the right to health care, equal pay and the rights of children”.

It is hypocritical that Castro criticizes the United States for income inequality and health care. In Cuba, medical services are outdated and scarce, except when it comes to the government elite. If you don’t believe it, ask a Cuban. Do you know doctors in Cuba earn between 10 and 20 dollars a month?

Castro is the last person in the world who should talk about human rights. We must remember the imprisonments, tortures and executions that the Communist regime has subjected the Cuban people to since 1959. Has Castro forgotten that Cuba was on the list of countries that sponsor terrorism until Barack Obama decided to delete it from the list just last year? How can someone talk about human rights when he led a dictatorship for more than 55 years?

If communism is some paradise why do Cubans flee and throw themselves into the ocean hoping to reach the shores of Florida alive? Castro ignored one fact that Communists refuse to accept. Due to economic opportunities and freedoms, the United States is the dream destination of millions of immigrants around the world.

Worst of all, while in Cuba, Obama celebrated the achievements of communism under Castro. Referring to Castro’s comments, the President said: In Castro’s view making sure that everybody is getting a decent education or health care, has basic security in old age, that those things are human rights as well. I personally would not disagree with him.”

Apparently, for Barack Obama, a system of education completely controlled and dictated by the Government deserves the title of “decent education”.

Obama allowed a murderous dictator who siezed power in his country criticize a democratic and free nation that has been an example of prosperity and development to the entire world. Meanwhile, oppression, imprisonment and lack of free elections continue to repress Cubans. Nevertheless, Obama called to put an end to the embargo and promised to increase ties and trade with the Communist regime.

The attitude of the Obama Administration is nothing new. President Obama continues legitimizing dictatorial regimes and tyrants, just as he did with Iran.

Obama not only degraded himself before one of the cruelest dictators in world history, but also dishonored the free world and all of who love and appreciate democracy and freedom.

Dan Le Batard, a sports reporter from the Miami Herald said: “The United States extends its hand to a dictator who’s hands are stained with the blood of my people”.