September 28, 2021

Can the GOP elites take out Trump?

Trump-TW9-2Desperate times call for desperate measures, and there is palpable panic in the Republican ranks right now. The juggernaut that is Donald Trump has done what the establishment Republicans thought could never happen; and it looks like he has steamrolled his way to the Republican presidential nomination.

Just to make things clear, I am not declaring loyalty to any candidate; I am just objectively looking at where we are, and the wind is definitely at Trump’s back. No matter what he does, what he says or how he acts, nothing seems to deter the 40-plus percent of the American people who are solidly locked and loaded for “The Donald.”

The big question hanging in the air right now after the last debate when Rubio and Cruz finally took off the gloves and pummeled Trump is: “What took you so long?” And now, it looks like it is too little, too late. The bottom line is that the arrogance and narcissism of the GOP elites has backfired this time, and what they thought could never, ever happen has (gulp) happened.

How could they not see it coming? What was it that kept them blindly thinking that they could control the narrative and push their chosen establishment candidate over the finish line? They are not stupid; they are just arrogant and entitled, with a superior attitude that says just because they hold the power and control, things will naturally go their way. After all, it almost always has, hasn’t it?

The elites turned a blind eye and ignored the (pardon the pun) big elephant in the room: the discontented American people who were screaming at the top of their lungs, running to the ballot box, starting the tea party movement and throwing out establishment candidates like Sen. Bob Bennett who made way for Sen. Mike Lee. They kept living in denial year after year and still were delusional when Donald Trump entered the race in 2015 to overwhelming support from the American people. I was in many a backstage “green room” listening to the elites laughing and joking about Trump. “He’s a joke”; “he can never win”; “just wait, you’ll see, he will implode tomorrow.” They just couldn’t see his appeal. They couldn’t see the people’s anger, and they couldn’t see their own demise.

For the past few years, Ann-Marie Murrell, Dr. Gina Loudon and I have traveled across this country, spoken to countless groups of fed-up Americans and had a conversation with “real folks” about what the average American wants. The overwhelming comments we heard were about the Republican leadership and representatives not hearing them and refusing to have a backbone when it came to crucial issues that concerned them. The anger and disgust was brewing years ago, and it continued to fester and boil when time and time again they were dismissed and ignored as though they didn’t matter at all. With each cave by the Republicans on Obamacare, immigration, Planned Parenthood and countless other issues, the anger grew and grew until it boiled over so that when the politically incorrect Trump took the stage they saw a political “savior.”

So now, at the 11th hour, the GOP establishment and big donors are scrambling. They have finally awakened from their arrogant stupor and realized that Trump is sweeping the floor with them. They can’t understand how their golden boy Bush never got any traction, and now they can’t seem to pump Rubio up enough to even win his own state of Florida where Trump is trouncing him. They have no choice but to start the dirty tricks and smear campaigning to take Trump out – but it might be too late.

There is talk of a brokered convention, also rumors of Mitt Romney possibly jumping in. Mitch McConnell is gathering together his Senate members and telling them that if Trump secures the nomination they can “drop him like a hot rock.” They believe that Trump doesn’t stand a chance against Hillary, so they would rather destroy Trump and hold the Senate rather than stand behind their candidate. Once again, they are stupid and arrogant. They can’t see that Trump is winning with many union and blue collar workers, and he now has Chris Christie by his side. They also fail to notice that the Republican turnout in the primaries is far greater than the Democrats – and with Bernie Sanders out, the apathy for Hillary will grow. Those “feeling the Bern” will probably stay home or go and vote for Trump. Sure, there will be people who absolutely will not vote for Trump, but there are many, many more who absolutely will.

Will Bush’s super PAC Right to Rise go all out and use their leftover money to try and demolish Trump? They could, but it would probably backfire on them. The establishment is frantically trying to figure out a way to derail Trump, but their problem is that they only have Cruz and Rubio as viable alternatives. They hate Cruz maybe more than Trump, and Rubio just isn’t cutting it. They seem to think that if and when Kasich drops out Rubio will rise. I highly doubt it. I think it is clear to the American people that Rubio is all-in with the establishment, and he has probably reached his ceiling.

It will be interesting to see the Republican Party try to take down its own candidate, thus assuring the Democrats a victory. If that indeed does happen, I predict that the history books will cite this election as the end of the GOP.

Source: WND