September 19, 2021

DESPICABLE: As Brussels BURNS, this is how Obama is spending his time – WATCH

obama-story_647_032416101607This perfectly demonstrates what is wrong with the West right now – and what is horribly wrong with this president — not that you needed any more evidence in that regard. It is absolutely unconscionable to me that our president, our commander in chief, would be putting on this jaw-droppingly embarrassing performance while Brussels mourns and hundreds of murderous jihadis in Europe are now plotting further bloodshed.

Against this disgusting display, I’d like to share some random thoughts after the Brussels attacks. Is it now time for Europe to end the practice of accepting self-imposed segregation of Muslim communities? Could it be the perverse idea of multiculturalism coming to mean segregation and non-assimilation is leading to the situation with Islamic jihadists enclaves and sanctuaries being established right under their noses?

The fact that the taxi cab driver in Brussels recognized the assailants and took the authorities right to the safe house has to be disturbing. And the contents of that safe house has to assure us there were future attacks forthcoming. We know that some of these individuals had criminal records and were even on terrorist watch lists. There can be no debate that these individuals and their actions were known in that neighborhood. How can that happen?

Of course when we have a president doing the wave and the tango while this is happening…you get my point.


Political correctness has no place on the battlefield and folks there are no boundaries to the battlefield of Islamic jihadism. We have people who go apoplectic when someone says “carpet bombing,” calling it inhumane but it doesn’t appear the Islamic terrorists have the same mindset in their engagement criteria. We cringe when there’s a mention of increased surveillance of Muslim communities. Yet terrorists are finding safe haven.

The left sends out protesters to shut down political opposition events. Yet all across Western civilization we have Islamists openly spewing forth violent and seditious rhetoric, yet we doth not protest much –actually not at all. We demand the release of the unlawful enemy combatants in GITMO saying that the existence of the facility is a recruiting tool for jihadists, yet we imprison our troops for killing the enemy due to these insidious rules of engagement — per the story of Army 1LT Clint Lorance.

The liberal progressive socialist left targets the rich one-percenters, demonizing them and blaming them in the age-old game of class warfare. Yet these same leftist acolytes of Marx and Engels cannot bring themselves to even refer to Islamic jihadists as they are. They deny and obfuscate in order to dismiss this enemy — after all climate change is the most threatening challenge to the world in their minds — tell that to the folks in Paris, Brussels, or San Bernardino. Tell that to the Christians, the Assyrians, the Chaldeans, the Copts who are being slaughtered, driven from their lands, and brutally murdered. Tell them the weather is more dangerous and a lack of job opportunities are upsetting Muslims forcing them to terrorism.

I just wanted to share these thoughts with you this morning from the snowy campus of Northwood University. Last night I spoke on “values.” Never forget our first unalienable right, our most important value is life, not lifestyle. That seminal value is viciously under attack by a centuries-old adversary. They’ve made their declaration of war against us.

The question is, do we possess the conviction of spirit and will to live, to fight back, to survive? Let’s find real leaders who will safeguard our value of life — and who couldn’t give a damn about the rights, sensitivities, feelings, and humanity of savage barbarians and those who provide them sanctuary.

It is a time for choosing.