November 17, 2018


obama-story_647_032416101607While he was in Cuba, Obama spoke by telephone with the Belgian Prime Minister. But he didn’t cancel a speech to the Cuban people or skip a scheduled baseball game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban National Team. Some critics, including Cruz and other Republican candidates, suggested Obama should have altered his Cuba plans in response to the Brussels attacks, but Obama says that would have sent the wrong message to the killers.

One of Obama’s favorite reasoning for not changing his schedule in the aftermath of a terrorist attack is that “it will send the wrong message”.

There is some truth in that, but is he overdoing it? Other than life goes on, don’t we also need to show some toughness? When an American was beheaded, he made a statement from the golf course, and in this recent attack in Belgium, he increased his stance of deterrence by not only attending a baseball game in Cuba with one of the worse still existing tyrants, but showing his fearlessness by also doing the wave. In case this act would not suffice, he continued his family adventure to Argentina where he valiantly danced a tango. There are non- confirmed reports that after watching our president’s display of how not to dance, there have been massive suicide and desertions from ISIS fighters.

Fernando J Milanes MD