November 30, 2023


Obama-and-CastroPundits and other idiots are guessing and out-guessing each other because it makes no sense and they can’t see the forest for the trees. After 7 years of trying to make America more like Cuba what makes anyone think he is going there to make Cuba more like America?

Barrack is what he is; an Islamic Fascist who is building a legacy in the nation of Islam, not in America. So the presumers that say his reason for resuming relations with Cuba is to leave a legacy as the first president to visit in umpteen years don’t know Obama. He is the only president in history to accept a slew of insults and snubs and indelicately ask for more; that’s his legacy.

Barack is known to be thin-skinned and vindictive to a fault but he graciously accepts the slings and arrows, barbs and snubs and downright insults from leaders of foreign nations…because he does not take those slights personally…they are, in his opinion, directed at the president of the United States and demean the office, not his immaculate self. We the people suffer the attendant humiliation and embarrassment and as far as Barrack is concerned we deserve every bit of it, in addition to the insults he heaps upon us at every opportunity.

He has the same regard for the Cuban people that he has for us, our men in blue, khaki or beleaguered veterans.  Cuba will be the last crack in our border to allow subversives, especially of the Jihadist stripe, free access to our landscape. The Cuban turnstile, if you will. The next president will at least limit the ingress of illegals and if it is Trump, the border will be sealed tighter than a gnat’s ass sitting in a dish of alum.

Know your enemy. When he’s not accepting diminishing returns on our behalf, he is on the golf course relishing the demise of the Republic. The terrorist who has sided with Islam is the genesis of all our problems.

Do we love America enough to do what must be done?

Remove Barack.