September 25, 2021

Forget OJ’s knife; here’s how we’re ALL getting stabbed in the back by Obama NOW – VIDEO

opals2-620x400What do you do when a patient repeatedly displays complete delusion? Is it padded cell time?

President Obama tells us we MUST close Guantanamo Bay because the enemy uses it as a recruiting tool, but there are little to no indications of such or even mentions by Islamic jihadists about GITMO. President Obama unilaterally declares combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan are over, yet combat operations rage in these combat theaters of operation — and have expanded to new areas, such as Libya. President Obama shuts down the D.C. school voucher program for inner city children, yet calls Republicans and law enforcement racist.

But when it comes to the United States economy, we find the greatest amount of delusion and deceit from President Obama. As reported by CNSNews, “With a smiling Vice President Joe Biden sitting beside him, President Barack Obama gave a speech at the White House today declaring that “the facts don’t lie” and that the American economy “is pretty darn good right now.”

The president took credit for what he says is the excellent state of the economy, attributing it to his plans.

“The fact of the matter is, is that the plans that we have put in place to grow the economy have worked,” Obama said.

They would work even faster if we did not have the kind of obstruction that we’ve seen in this town to prevent additional policies that would make a difference.

And there is going to be a debate going on around the budget in the coming months. Republicans in Congress are, sadly, trying to cut some of the investments that could spur additional growth.

They are blocking things like an increase in the minimum wage, or more robust investment in jobs training, infrastructure, education that can continue to lift up wages and incomes — an area, by the way, where we are not seeing the same kinds of pace that we want to see, and where, if we’re working together, we could be making a difference.”

President Obama’s victory lap came after the February jobs report indicated the economy produced 242,000 jobs. President Obama also touted his “jobs creation” numbers of 14.3 million over the past six years – while the unemployment rate remained unchanged from January at 4.9 percent. The problem is that President Obama never addresses the 94 million Americans who’ve been dropped from the workforce and no longer counted. How very kind of the party which says it cares about Americans, the little guy, that if you don’t fit the narrative, you’re not even counted.

Also, when was the last time you heard President Obama talk about the workforce participation rate? You know, that measurement of Americans in the workforce, which provides a clear indicator of where our economy stands with Americans being employed full time.

It is mathematically impossible to have the worst workforce participation rate in some 35 years and tell the American people everything is fine, the economy is good.

Recently, we shared a piece about our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) performance over the last ten years. We have the worst GDP growth in America since the Great Depression — hardly a sign our economy is good and that Obamanomics is working.

Here is a simple inquiry. If our economy was pretty darn good, then why hasn’t the Federal Reserve raised the interest rates on borrowing for the big banks? If the economy is so doggone good, then why doesn’t President Obama and Fed Chairman Janet Yellin do a press conference and announce the end of quantitative easing policies of low interest rates and printing money — policies to mask a failing economy. Folks, an economy with an annualized GDP over the past seven years of just 2.1 percent growth is not darn good, it’s anemic, and it cannot be viewed as the new normal.

I am typing this in Nashville, Tennessee on Sunday. Today I spoke with some very prominent local businessmen and they confirmed to me that there is some $3 trillion in capital offshore. This is capital that could truly spur on real free market economic growth in America if granted a one time repatriation at 5 percent — those revenues collected would immediately go to infrastructure repair in our country. Funny thing, it appears that there were no stimulus funds for infrastructure repair — but Obama says the economy is stronger than ever.

Here in Nashville, I was told the population growth is exploding. And you find construction cranes dominating the landscape of the city — why? Because states like Tennessee are doing what’s necessary to show they’re open for business. This state has no income tax and is advancing fiscal policies that incentivize private sector economic growth. And when you assess states in this country, you will find folks are voting with their wallets and moving to places where there’s economic growth, real economic growth.

Our economy isn’t good but for President Barack Obama, his reality is whatever supports his liberal progressive socialist ideology. The un-Affordable Care Act had nothing to do with healthcare; it is a wealth redistribution scheme that includes twenty new taxes — and it’s killing job growth, especially for our small businesses.

Obama’s war on fossil fuels — oil, gas, and coal — is destroying those industries and causing more to be released from employment. And, due to the revolutionary and innovative process of hydraulic fracturing, i.e. fracking, our economy was propped up by the oil and gas industry. That industry is now struggling as well, because the Obama administration targets it, wants to tax oil and gas exports, and relieve sanctions allowing Iranian energy resources to hit the open market. I’ve read estimates for this year saying up to 30 percent of oil and gas industry small businesses may go bankrupt.

No Mr. President, the economy isn’t good, but you’re doing one heck of a job of instituting socialist economic policies that expand the welfare nanny-state. Then again, I suppose in the delusional world of Barack Obama, the economy is doing well — according to Marx and Engels.