July 30, 2021

Four things you need to know about the Anti-Trump protests in Chicago

6BBF541A-F418-4B89-A3DD-3D2623BB3021_w1000_r1_s-1Donald Trump canceled a political event in Chicago on Friday night. Initially, the event was planned for 7:00 pm at the University of Illinois but the presidential candidate made the decision to cancel due to security reasons.

Let me mention 4 important matters Americans should know about this shameful incident.

1. The Protesters

The majority of the protesters were young. The crowd was diverse, including Hispanics, Muslims and black people. According to a report by Breitbart News, former terrorist, Bill Ayers was also present.

Some of the agitators were photographed stepping on the American flag while others waved the Mexican flag. The anti-Trump posters displayed messages insulting and accusing Trump of being a rapist, Nazi and racist. Some protesters carried signs in favor of self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders.

2. The Organizers

The obscene and violent demonstration against Trump was not spontaneous. Several journalists reported that Hispanics, leftist activists and Black Lives Matter members were planning to protest for more than a week.

Another group involved was Moveon.org, a progressive organization founded in 1998. Moveon.org is a left wing organization which has raised millions of dollars for candidates of the Democratic Party and is funded by George Soros.

3. The Objective

The objective of the demonstration was not simply to protest the presence of Donald Trump at the university, but also to boycott the event. Even more so, the riots were an attack on the candidate’s freedom of expression.

Sadly, the protesters accomplished their mission and Trump canceled the event for security reasons. His campaign announced the decision and asked attendees to “leave in peace”.

4. The Reactions

Immediately after the campaign announced the decision to abandon the event, agitators started celebrating the news shouting, “We dumped Trump, we dumped Trump”. At the same time, Trump supporters shouted, “USA, USA” and “We want Trump”. Some protesters laid on the street preventing cars from leaving the university campus. Even more, the Drudge report stated that members from Black Lives Matter fired guns as part of the celebration.

News channels and presidential candidates had something to say about the riots. Fox News anchor Megan Kelly defended Trump saying: “The cancellation of the GOP presidential front-runner’s Chicago rally amid raucous protests robbed him of his First Amendment rights.” Similarly, Ted Cruz stated: “America’s better than this. We don’t have to tear each other apart instead we can work together.” Likewise, Marco Rubio commented: “I disagree w/many of the things Donald Trump says…but you don’t have a right to take away the 1st Amendment right of people.”

Unsurprisingly, there were no immediate comments from Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

After canceling the event Donald Trump said: “We don’t want anybody to be hurt, anyone, on either side.”