September 24, 2021


trump ted and marcoThe results of Super Tuesday were a major setback for the establishment for two reasons: 1) neither of the top two winners, Donald Trump, who won in 7 states, and Ted Cruz, who won in 3 states, are acceptable to the establishment and, 2) the lone remaining establishment candidate, Marco Rubio, is a distant third with little hope of making up his growing deficit. So where does that leave the Republican kingmakers? They have to produce a win by March 15 for Rubio in his home state of Florida, and another for Gov. John Kasich in his home state of Ohio in order to deny Trump these key winner-take-all delegates—a total of 167, which would help delay or stop Trump from reaching the magic number of 1237 needed to win the nomination. The powers that be (PTB) are still hoping for a brokered convention, where delegates become free to vote for another candidate. The establishment is so scared they have even called upon Mitt Romney to help them “save the Republican Party from Donald Trump.” Amazingly, Romney is still more than willing to carry water for them. There is even talk of drafting Paul Ryan.